ZINC | Day 2 & 3

So sorry ya’ll about not getting this out sooner. I’ve wanted to get this blog post out Sunday night but I was DEAD tired. I usually have a hard time falling asleep and deeply resent my husband for being able to pass out so easily at bed time but not this time.

Anyways I wanted to give y’all an idea about how day 2 & 3 at the ZINC.vintage market ended up going.



The second day was Saturday and at usually Saturdays at these shows tend to be a little more relaxed. The crazy rush of the hardcore shoppers trying to get the coolest stuff first have already made their rounds on Friday and even though you can get a little bit of that at the beginning of Saturday morning it still has a different vide and the crowd tends to be more spread out through out the day.

So Saturday a few bigger items sold along with a bunch of smaller items.

The re-invented chase lounge was one of the bigger items that sold and I was so excited to see it go to a good home! This was definitely my “wild card” piece and I wasn’t sure how it would be received by other people that didn’t have sweat equity in it. Everyone that saw it, loved it! I couldn’t be more proud.


Another thing to sell was the Little Marble Top Washstand. I actually had two people wanted to buy this one but the couple that spotted it first had said they wanted it and then went to walk around but hadn’t paid for it yet (so essentially a hold). When they were walking around another group became super interested in it as well and I told them that if the first couple didn’t come back that I would call them and let them know. Well the first coupled did come back and bought it up.


There might be a method to the hardcore Friday shopper’s madness. Early bird gets the worm… yad yad yad.


Sorry. I need to put a quick plug in here. At the end of Day 2 my friend Brian and I went to Pro Re Nata Brewery, which was right down the road from the event in Crozet, VA. It was SO BEAUTIFUL and very family friendly. Two thumbs up from me and the Mango Gose was on point. If you are in the area you need to go check it out.





Anyways, back to ZINC.



Sunday was the slower of the 3 days and basically every bargains shopper’s best friend. Dealers tend to not want to load everything that didn’t sell back up and by day 3 we are all pretty tired so the less lifting the better.


I am definitely negotiable and willing to make deals with anyone on ANY day but I’m not a crazy discounter. This is my business and 90% of livelihood. I would love to be able to just give my work away but it’s not realistic.




I have a 500 ft booth to fill! When I’m not doing shows my inventory can be found there so I’m not heartbroken if a piece doesn’t find it’s forever home right away. It just means it’s going to my booth at The Factory Antique Mall to be sold there. But for the vendors that don’t have full time booth locations I can totally understand the strategy behind crazy discount Sunday.


Like I said Sunday was the slowest of the 3 days but I did make some sales. Mostly smaller items but I did sell a small farmhouse breakfast table. The woman who bought it was so sweet and I wish I could remember her name.

She looked at it for a second and came up to the desk and said: “I want that table and I don’t want a discount. I want you to do well at this event.


Just so sweet. Thank you to whoever you are.

And just thank you to everyone that came out in support. There was Lisa (@curiositieshome) and Amy (Lucketts) that came all the way from Leesburg, VA. Karen (@maplelaneroanoke) that came from Roanoke, VA. Whitney (@thevintagenestva) that came from Lynchburg, VA.

A huge thank you to all of my local friends and regulars that came out and even those that weren’t able to make it out your messages and comments were really just so sweet and inspiring. Thank you so so much for sending all the love and good vides from all over, I felt it all.

When it came time to break everything down at the end of the event it actually went really smooth and quickly. I had Kyle (my husband) and my sister’s yeti of a boyfriend there to help and my mom showed up with my dad’s truck. We got everything broken down, load and back to The Factory Antique Mall before they closed and in less than 2 hours. I don’t care who you are that’s some impressive stuff.

We celebrated a successful show at one of our favorite local pizza joints (on me of course, just as a thank you for all of their help), and promptly went home and re-introduced my head to my pillow.

I’m now in recovery. I’ve been getting my booth back up to snuff and setting up my next plan of action. I do have one more show this year on October 21st in Bedford, VA. The Mountain View Vintage Market and I’m getting pretty excited about it. It is a one day show and Jennifer continues to impress me with her HUSTLE. It is her first market and she has been able to herd up 35+ venders for the event and food trucks. Vanessa from @amodernvintagehome will be there and I’m super excited to meet her and her husband. Elizabeth and Jill from @henhousevintage and Michelle from @blueskycottage plus some other amazing vendors. You can see more information about the Mountain View Vintage Market on their Facebook or Instagram.

Lots of more exciting things to come.

Oh and I before I wrap up this post I just wanted to share what I thought my best seller was this past weekend….




Everybody loved them! Another item that I wasn’t sure others would see my vision for.

I will have them in booth and at The Mountain View Vintage Market for anyone else that wants one.

Thank you all again for such a great weekend!

– Amanda