Zibra Great Refinisher’s Paint-Off & GIVEAWAY | “The Box”

Wow… So sorry guys. I forgot I have a blog for like… a MONTH!

Didn’t mean to drop the ball on this but I’ve been getting into a healthier routine and making that become second nature has been tough. Hopefully, I’ll be sharing about that soon.

But today I wanted to FINALLY reveal “The Box“.




If you follow me on Instagram than you might know a little something about this.

Lane over at Zibra Paint Brushes sent 4 other furniture refinishers and myself this box and 5 brushes to be designed however we want them. After we finished our designs we were to send in some pictures to be entered into a contest for ya’ll to vote on! We could paint them, stain them, burn them, whatever we want, but its up to you guys to decide whose box you want to win! But, let me show you the box first.


So pretty basic box right?


This box is of the highest quality craftsmanship. Constructed perfect to fit the 5 Zibra Paint brushes for optimal brush storing capacity.

I mean… just look at those corners! Those are some sharp corners.


But how do I make it prettier and more unique?

You might remember a little Faux Bone Inlay design that I had done on a dresser a few months ago. I had done detailed work over top of a black paint but have been thinking about doing the same design over top of a raw wood or stained piece of furniture.

This box was the perfect test subject.

I decided to stain it and the handle of the brushes first with a mix of a Gray stain, Dark Walnut, and Weathered Oak. I just lightly layered the stain until I got the look I was trying to go for.

After a few days of letting them dry it was time to commit to the inlay design. I like to start off with a light chalk layout. I don’t do the WHOLE design before taking a paint brushes. That would like WAY too long but I do like to just put a few lines down to get an idea about where different details are going to go, and since it is chalk it wipes right off.

Of course, I just had to use Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint for this part. I used a mix of Ironstone and Farmhouse White.



Once I got going It actually got done in a snap. It went a lot more quickly than having to do an entire dresser that is for sure. And after I let them dry over night I gave both the box and the brushes a light sanding to distress them a bit and give them a slightly warn, aged look.

Ba da boom. Ba da bang. It’s done!




So cute if I do say so myself. It might just be warm and fuzzies swelling up inside of me from the Christmas season but its giving me a gingerbread house vibe.


You can now vote for my Faux Bone Inlay Box and Brushes or one of the other competitors in the Zibra Great Refinisher’s Paint-Off contest over on their Blog page.


If you do vote you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win your own set of 4 Zibra Brushes!


They have 5 sets to give away!!! So make sure that you go vote!

Zibra Paint Brush : The Zibra Blog

Zibra Paint Brush : Instagram

Zibra Paint Brush : Facebook

Whatcha think?

Hopefully I have a shot. I’m going against some pretty well establish furniture refinishers but even if I don’t win I’m pretty happy with my work and that’s all that matters.

Happy Voting!

May the odds be ever in your favor.