Zibra Brushes & The Mora Dresser

I think the one of the reasons why I love what I do so much is because as a human I love a good transformation.

I love almost anything related to a before and after story. Home transformations, fitness transformations, financial, landscape, and of course furniture! There’s something about a change for the better.

It is literally the story of The Ugly Duckling and my vision statement for my business: “A transformation for the better“.

Sometimes things don’t need a crazy change. Maybe a new coat of paint on a wall or lighter colored rug will do a world of difference to a room but with hardly any hard labor involved.

This dresser is one of those pieces. It had beautiful bones and potential. The couple that I got it from were leaving the next day to start research work in New Zealand and couldn’t take it with them so I took it off their hands.


I’ve been excited to work on this piece for a few reasons.

  1. I knew it wouldn’t need a ton of work to make a big difference.


You may have seen me opening them on my Instagram stories and they were just so beautifully packed and came in a precious pull sting pouch.

Lane is doing some Swoon worthy stuff over at Zibra.

These are true quality brushes. I do a lot of painting and investing in some good brushes is important so that I’m not continuing to waste money on cheap ones.


Even Kyle had to pick them up and run his fingers through the bristles.

“Oooh.. these are nice.”

He should know he has do a lot of touch up painting at his job.


Before I even starting thinking about color with this piece I thought less is more. It has such beautiful carvings and details on it already that I didn’t feel like it need a bunch of “extra” added to it.


So I am using Miss Mustard Milk Paint in Mora for this piece. I was hoping with the dark stain underneath and the light soft robins egg blue that it would be a nice contrast when the paint began to chip away.


I didn’t want a TON of chipping though so I prepped the piece with a very light sanding and the whipped all the dust away with a damp cloth.

My zebra brushes ended but being exactly what I needed for this project. The wide head brush is perfect for flat surfaces and the spindle brush was extremely helpful when it came to painting the legs.

These projects alway go through an “ugly” stage after the first and sometimes second coat of milk paint but if you can just ignore and push through this stage the results are always worth the struggle.


We got chippage!


After I was done with painting I took the sand paper to it one more time just for some some light sanding and to help along any chippy paint that might want to flake away.

To seal all of that in I did one coat of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish in Matte to finish it off.


I actually really liked the originally hardware that came with this dresser but it was unfortunately missing only ONE its pulls.

Just add it to the growing list of things that make Amanda go “aaarrrRRRRRRRUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH”.

HOWEVER! I was able to recycle some old hardware that had come from one of my past projects!

Totally saved me a trip from Hobby Lobby.


A short rant.

I wouldn’t have cared so much about that trek but its not a close trip to our nearest Hobby Lobby… About 45 minutes- ish and the traffic there can be less than desirable to commute in and the area the Hobby Lobby is located in is a college town and theres a MALL right by the Hobby Lobby,  and there’s lots of drive-through restaurants right by the Hobby Lobby, and theres Walmart right by the Hobby Lobby AND THERE’S A TJMaxx right by the Hobby Lobby, and a Platos Closet, and a Applebees, and a Target,and Olive Garden, and a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, a few banks, an out-of-place Buy Gold and Silver Shop, and an out of touch Pebbles (because every town needs one)! All that and much more is CRAMMED into less than 2 miles off the interstate exit. Basically all traffic traps that I try to avoid at ALL COST.

And whyyyy does it all of that business need to be on top of each other??? COME ONNN! Spread that butter out man! They’ve got the room! There’s a very high concentration of farts coming from that small 2 mile stretch and it’s definitely affecting the climate.


So the recycled hardware worked out well for this piece and saved me a little cash and time.








Thank you so much to Lane over at Zibra Brushes for working with me and for providing such a beautiful project in general.

Make sure to go follow them on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to check out their paint brush selection on their website! The prices are amazing for the quality of brush you get.

Instagram – @zibrapainting 

Facebook – @ZibraPaint 

Website – The Zibra Blog

I’m starting to work on my stash for the Mountain View Vintage Market coming up here soon so make sure to keep on the look out for blog post surrounding that!

– Amanda


discloser: I was sent products from Zibra Brushes to use and review in exchange for this post. I did not receive additional payment for this post or any social media promotions. I do not receive any additional income for purchases made through this post. All words and opinions are own.