Why Ticking is Timeless

Home decor has been through the ringer over the decades.

I mean… To each, their own but I think we can all collectively agree that shag, orange carpet isn’t gonna be making a come back.

But even with all of that going on there are a few things that continue to be classic and get passed down through the decades successfully.

I truly believe that the ticking pattern on fabric, especially in navy, is one of those things that will never go out of style.

(example pictures not my own)


Okay thats all well and good but WHY!?

Why am I so attracted to the fabric when I see it on pillows, or upholstery?

Well… I have a few theories!

  • Ticking and stripes in general are very neutral for a pattern choice. It was probably one of the first, if not the first, textile pattern ever invented. So it’s been around FOREVER and earns the title of “classic”.  


  • It adds texture. Even if the fabric is completely flat the contrast between the neutral stripes and the color stripe tricks the eye into to thinking that there is depth. So if you have a room that you think might be falling a little flat try adding pillows with the ticking pattern or accent chair with ticking. 


  • Because it is almost seen as a neutral, you can mix ticking with a wild textile pattern to add even more depth and texture for a maximum-styled look and it just WORKS and can make a room look crazy cool when you start mixing patterns.


  • Ticking can be used as both masculine and feminine decor accents.
  • Ticking can be used in a more humble home setting and super elegant home without missing a beat. 


When my friend Rachel asked me to reupholster this bench for her and she already had the ticking fabric to do it with I was so excited to take the project on.


The only other decision we had to make was whether or not to paint the frame.

I showed her some different examples of painted and non-painted and she decided to go with the unpainted look for now.

For once, an upholstery project was not a complete pain in the rear!

I was able to get it striped, re-fluffed, add new fabric and new trim in two days.

That. Never. Happens.




It turned out really great and even thought this piece already has an owner I will be selling some antique ticking pieces at The Mountain View Vintage Market.


Hate ticking? Love it? Do you think it will stick around in home decor as a classic? Let me know.

– Amanda