Why FLEA MARKET Style is my Favorite Magazine

There is a TON of home decor magazines on the market.

An overwhelming amount actually.

You know that section at your local grocery store that has all of those magazines and books?


Trying picking out just ONE publication from there in less than 5 minutes.

It’s a challenge!

If you had to pick out just one you’re gonna be choosey. right? You quickly flip through the pages of the ones that stand out to you the most. I Believe my search is OVER and that I have found the perfect home decor magazine (for me).

Flea Market Style

Editor in Chief: Ki Nassauer

Not be mistaken for Flea Market Decor, HGTV’s Flea Market IssueFlea Market Home & Living, or Vintage Home Decor.


I’m talking about Flea Market STYLE. 

Ki and her team do an amazing job of sourcing material and homes for the publication. I believe they get out about 6 issues a year and I am always trolling the news stands for the latest addition.

One thing that stood out to me is that Flea Market Style always leaves an impression.


I still remember some of the homes featured from a few years ago just because the houses and home owners’ designs were so interesting.

Here are 5 quick reasons why I think Flea Market Style stands out amongst it’s competitors:


1. Mixture of Styles.

If you were to pick up an issue of FMS you will find a number of different decor styles and an eclectic mix of all of them combined. Flipping through the pages is like a dessert buffet but for my eyes.




2. Innovative uses of vintage and antique items.

I purchase this publication to be inspired and I continue to find new ideas every time I pick up a new issue. I love seeing how other people style their homes and I feel like a fly on the wall, so to speak, in how creative minds manifest themselves in their living spaces.


3. Spotlighting the little guy. 

almost every issue has a section titled, “Our Crushes” that usually features a rising artist, vintage shop owners, Instagram accounts, or craftsmen that inspires. It is such a great way to give national recognition to some really talented people that I might not have heard of other wise.

4. Vintage & Antique Shows in your state.

At the end of each issue there is the Flea Market Roundup and it is a list of almost all the states with one or two vintage markets located in each state. I love that the publication includes a source for junk lovers like myself to help feed my addiction.

5. Colorful, but not just for the sake of it. 

I’m about to go on a bit of rant here so hold tight.

I think whenever I hear the statement: “I want to add color”, I cringe a little bit.

“Color” has kinda become a dirty word in the home interiors community. Every time I hear it I think of every edition of HGTV Magazine which I would categorize as real life interpretation of a fever-dream.


“Light & Bright”, is our favorite a cult motto and that usually translates to: white, on white, on creamy white. This is also coming dangerously close to the edge of being cliché but it’s still holding on for now.

What I love is finding home owners that are able to find the amazing balance between “light & bright” while also adding color/contrast.


FMS has sourced some truly talented home owners that create beautiful, personal spaces. Each home featured is dripping with their personal touch and everything, including color, seems to be brought into the rooms thoughtfully and not just for the sake of having it.

Does that make sense?

Hopefully that make sense.


A Spicy Take: Very rarely do I see an HGTV mag hit this balance right.

For a company that branded itself as the go-to source for all things home design and interiors, I’ve seen them do the same thing with extreme color combinations over and over again.

There doesn’t seem to be any nuance with their approach to color and If you have flipped through ONE of their magazines you’ve seen them all.

BOLD primary and tertiary color all over the room? 

3-5 different patterns on rugs, pillows & throws? 

A weirdly shaped lamp or Vase? 

Stock prints and/or crazy wall art? 

BONUS if the room has a wild colored wallpaper. 

Repeat 3 times and you’ve have a HGTV magazine.

I understand that these are people’s homes that I am talking about.  I’m sure most of the staging is probably done by a HGTV stylist just to grab attention but it becomes so repetitive and boring after 3 issues. I’ve stoped looking to their publication for inspiration and if you are from HGTV Mag and reading this, I beg you, please mix it up.

These are the reason I love picking up the latest issue of Flea Market Style.

As I was writing this, they just announced that their next issue will be hitting news stands on January 29th. I’ve had the best luck find them at my local Lowe’s but I am sure you can find them at other places as well.


You can find Flea Market Style Magazine’s social on Facebook & Instagram and I was in no way paid or asked to write this post, I just love the publication.

Obviously, these is all my own, very biased, opinions. You can agree or disagree. You also might have a favorite home decor publication of your own and I would love to know about it so make sure to leave a comment.

Talk to ya next week!