We Painting our Kitchen Floors!

“What? Why?” – a direct quote from Kyle when I told what I was plotting on doing.

“Yep, I want to paint the kitchen floors.” – Me, trying to sound confident in my decision.

We have linoleum floors in our kitchen and bathrooms… ya.



Its not awful but its not great either. If you’ve ever lived around linoleum floors you know that they just have a cheap feel and eventually start to bubble up in some areas/peel around the edges.

We do want to replace them eventually with real tile or real wood…

Jury’s still out on that decision.

BUT while we wait to be able to afford that, I had seen Kayla from Plum Pretty Decor and Design paint her Linoleum floors in her master bathroom to look like cement tiles. Her project turned out great AND she did a full DIY post on it. Go check it out for more in-depth steps and how-to.

After I saw how well Kayla’s floors turned out I had played around with the idea of painting our BATHROOM floors just to test and then possible do it to the kitchen floors.

Things changed when Kyle informed me that he was going to have to go out of town for work. 4 Days. Just enough time to get the kitchen floors down… and with one less person to be annoyed with being barricaded out of the kitchen.

After breaking the news to Kyle and convincing him that it would be worth it, I started thinking of design I would want to stencil over, and over, and over again.

I originally was going to do this…


But something about it felt too busy for me for our open space..

I found these design of tile that I liked but that would require me making my own stencil… and I don’t have a fancy stencil maker so that would also mean using an x-acto knife… ugh.. can never be easy can it.


So I decide to make my own simple design and do all the cutting. It wasn’t that bad.


With Kyle being out the house all that was left to do before painting was clean the floors.

We have 2 dogs.. They are not hypo-allergenic dogs. One has back fur… You do the math.

I closed off the kitchen and swept and mopped. every time I though I had gotten up all the dog hair.. I would find more.

Eventually I had to call it quits on the cleaning and accept that it was as good as it was gonna get.

Finally it was ready to start painting! I did 3 coats of Zinsser Bulls Eye 1, 2, 3 White Primer with about an hour to 2 hours between coats.


When the base was done I started laying out the star design stencil on every other faux tile cross and then alternating it on the next row. I would dry each one with a hair drier before lifting the stencil and making sure there wasn’t any wet paint on the stencil before laying it back down.





This was the most time consuming part of the whole project. And I was so happy when it was done.


Next was actually making the floor look like tile. I needed to make lines that followed the faux tile lines. This took a minute to figure out because if I did black lines like I had the stars it looked too bold. But I had to do something. Kyle insisted on having lines to make it look like tile. So I painted over the black lines with white to start over which gave them a gray look. That looked way better and much more subtle. So I mixed up some vey very light gray paint and got to tracing..



Tracing the lines was the second most time consuming part of the project but when it was done I could almost swear that I heard the faint sounds of angels singing.


Before putting down the protective coat I went through and did some spot cleaning. Then we were ready for the protective top coat. I used Minwax Clear Matte Polycrylic Protective Finish  and did 3 coast with 2 hours between coats.

The final coat had just dried just as Kyle got home and I was able to put the house back together. I told my friend Chelsea over at Front Porch Stories that I was amazed that even though I was only working on the kitchen floors the ENTIRE HOUSE seem to be under construction…



I’m so happy this project is done and a great cheap way to give the kitchen a more updated look until we can actually install what we want. I hope we are able to complete a few more small projects before winter comes.