The Two-Tone Grey Cabinet

First, I need to fake news myself.

In my last blog post I said that I only have 3 pieces of furniture that I am bringing to Lucketts that I had done any painting to.

Well, I had a total brain fart and forgot allll about the 3 sets of chairs that I have painted. DUH.

I have 4 dinning chairs that I did.


The Chair Pair that I wrote about a few days ago..


And one other upholstered pair that will being making their debut on the blog here soon.

Now that we have that straightened out we can move on to what today’s post is all about and it’s not chairs.

Its actually all about this here cabinet.


I found this piece in Midlothian, VA and I can’t tell about how it came to be in my possession but I can say that the former owners were very happy that it was coming with me.

It had once been used in a family member’s old garage as a workshop cabinet for holding tool and other workshop stuff but it was being used for storage in their home.

I was so happy to find it! I need one big thing to display all the pretty ironstone I had collected and had seen other cabinets that were just ok but THIS is exactly what I was wanting.

It is a beast of piece.

Solid. Heavy. Humble, a few other adjectives, yad, yad, yad.

Okay, lets talk about my internal conflict with this cabinet and paint.

When I first saw it, I thought: “AH! It’s perfect! I don’t even need to paint it!”

But on the drive home and day dreaming about it having ironstone stacked in those shelves I started think that,”Ehhh, maybe its a little dark“.

Its so big, maybe it needs to be lightened up a bit to relieve some of that visual heaviness. Also, there are some parts that look a little dingy and could use some sprucing up.


I ordered 3 quarts of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Grain Sack with the intension of painting the whole thing but Kyle pointed out that the patina on the outside was actually really pretty and it might just be the interior of shelving area that was making it look so dark.


What a great idea! Kyle has his moments of genius every now and then.

So I mixed up some Grain Sack color, which I chose because it is a very very light grey and would play well with the variety of grey shades that are on the exterior of the cabinet.

I didn’t do any prep work other than a light cleaning of any dust that had settled over the years. I didn’t expect any paint chipping to occur. Because the current surface texture was already pretty coarse I didn’t need to do any sanding either.

This is what the right side of the cabinet looked like after one coat of paint on the interior vs. the left side that was not painted.



So. Much. Better.

I was able to keep that wonderful patina on the outside of the cabinet where the original paint colors had natural faded and worn over time but also freshen and lighten up the inside which is the area that will probably get the most use in the future.

I did decide to do a second coat of milk paint. I think it would have been fine with just one but I wanted it just a little brighter and with a more opaque finish.

As I expected, I didn’t see any chipping of the new paint, which is fine. This cabinet already has a lot character I don’t think it needed much more to make it a statement piece.

I also flip the bottom left cabinet door and re-arranged the hardware to open out to the side instead of in towards the cabinet. Definitely helped balance the whole thing out.



After doing a light sanding with 120 sandpaper to let some some of the old grey show through around some of the edges and corners, I wiped the whole thing down with a damp cloth and put a fork in it to call it DONE.


Well… I put some ironstone in it. Still counts.



Probably in my top 3 most favorite pieces of furniture I’ve ever worked on.


With the variety of aged white ironstone on the shelves the whole vignette is a rainbow of neutrals. Can that be a thing? Rainbow of neutrals? … It’s a thing. I just made it a thing.


I spent at least 30 minutes starring at it after I loaded it up with all the ironstone. Kyle can attest to this.

I think the two toned grey palette was the right move, 100%.


It has a very antique Dutch feel to it now…

Of course it will also being coming to the Luckett’s Spring Market NEXT WEEKEND. It is the biggest piece that I will be bringing and I hope it finds a good home.


It does fit on the back of medium size truck. I have a 2002 Toyota Tundra and it fit just fine in the bed with the tailgate down.


More LSM project updates to come over the next couple of days! Stay tuned for more!

– Amanda