The Ticking Twins

If you haven’t already guessed.

I love me some antique ticking.

It’s look and the feel it conveys, warms my soul.

If you would like to read more about why I think ticking is timeless you can check out my blog post on it —> here.

The bench that I re-uphostered for my friend Rachel looked amazing and I loved how the original wood finish mixed with the antique ticking.


When I was finished with her project I knew I wanted to do a similar design to bring to The Mountain View Vintage Market and she was actually able to be the source of that.

Wonderful Rachel brought me these two sad antique chairs that just needed a little bit of a wardrobe change.


The patina on them is beautiful and they have wonderful details that add warmth but that fabric isn’t doing them any favors.

Step 1 was taking off that old fabric.

This was incredibly easy to do.

A little tug here and a pull there and 5 minutes later that old fabric was gone.


I used the old fabric as a pattern to cut what I needed of the antique ticking bundle that I found and bought at The Factory Antique Mall. 

It was such a great price I couldn’t pass it up.

Next was actually stapling the fabric to the frame of the chair.

Let me tell you what people…

Your tools make a difference.

I forgot take a picture but I was using a little, hand-held staple gun… to be honest it was really not that much different from flipping open an actual stapler and just using that… Just a really pain and makes the job take longer because the staples don’t go all the way in and you then have to hammer them in the rest of the way…

Annoying… Like having to chew your food twice…

Well, mid chair project, Kyle decided to surprise me with a Pneumatic Staple Gun  that needs to be attached to an air compressor (which we did already have) to make the whole process go a lot faster.

Oh and did it go faster after making the tool change.

Pop, pop, pop, pop. DONE!

No more… pop, hammer, pop, hammer, pop, hammer, pop, hammer.

I love it. I absolutely love it.

But, anyways… Back to the twins.

to finish it off I put some light trim around the edges upholstery.


I really love how they turned out.






the rich stain with the contrast of the light ticking catches my eye every time.


The Ticking Twins will both be at The Mountain View Vintage Market THIS SATURDAY!

It is only a one day show so only one chance to see it this year!

I hope y’all can make it!

And keep a look out for on more posts on what will be there!

– Amanda