The Step-back Cubby Cabinet

One thing that I’m struggling with right now is contentment.

I want a Pinterest worthy home, RIGHT NOW. But the facts of the matter is we just can’t afford new counter tops RIGHT NOW, or new kitchen flooring. So we gotta make due with what we have.

And that’s okay, it forces me to flex my creative muscles. I’m trying to make the home work for us with just the furniture and adding cosmetic character without having to do anything big and expensive.

Because of my business I do have access to a lot of furniture and unique things and every now and than I do want to keep something, especially if I think I have a perfect space for it.

There’s not much that I have kept over the past 2 years of treasure hunting. The pieces that have made it to the “keep pile”, and I am fairly certain are staying in the “keep pile”, are pretty special to me.

Well let me tell you a sad tale…

The tale of the “Step-back Cubby Cabinet” that I had to let go…

So the story starts like this. A little less than a month ago I purchased this beast of piece from a local picker friend.


Unfortunately for poor Kyle, I had no idea how heavy this sucker was when I bought it.

So we heave it onto the truck at pickup and heave off the truck when we get home and it sat in driveway for about a week…


When I go in and out of “project mode” we can kinda look like hoarders to our neighbors and people passing on the street. But sometimes I need to be motivated to be in “project mode” and there was no moving this piece in and out of the garage everyday whenever I got in the mood to work on it.

So finally I got in the mood.

Kyle did a wonderful job pressure washing the inside of the piece for me and getting years of grime off the surface.



These pictures were stapled on the side of the piece. I can only assume that these dudes were the originally owners of the piece. All I know is that it was used in a garage as a motorcycle part holder for YEARS.


The next step was putting a protective coat over top of all of the beautiful chippy paint and across the exposed wood on the step back section of the cabinet.

The last step was adding some sturdy wheels so when it’s standing upright, it can be rolled.

This is where the story gets sad.

I had the hope of putting this piece in our kitchen.. We don’t have a big kitchen BUT, as I told my husband: “It would great for having the extra counter space and I could put cups and spices and WHATEVER in the cubby spaces!”

Like… I had PLANS for the piece and a rock solid vision of it being in my kitchen. I don’t like when my visions don’t work out.. It hurts.

Kyle, however, was not looking forward to lifting it again and there was a lot of resistance on that front. So when he was out of town for the day, I had my dad and brother come over to get it in the house…

first we tried to take it through the door in the garage that opens up to the kitchen…

Doesn’t fit.

No matter how we rotated or PIVOT. It wasn’t happening.

Okay, lets try through the front door…


Well CRAP! I really wanted this to work. I had plans for the piece.. PLANS.

Does the width of my doorways (which I found out are actually pretty narrow for a house) not understand my vision!


Well, I had tot get over it. Unless I cut it into pieces and put it back together, I was just gonna have to let it go. Maybe someone else can create a vision for it and has place in their home or store that it is just perfect for!

So, that being said, it is currently looking for a new home at my booth in The Factory Antique Mall in Verona, VA.





You can go check it out along with my other treasure that are for sale. If you are interested in the “Step-back Cubby Cabinet” feel free to send me message!

Ever have a piece of furniture not fit into your home? leave your answer in the comment section below!

Always keep treasure hunting.

– Amanda