The Smalls

I wish I had more time to get this blog post together but, once again, I’m low on time and sleep.

As some of you might know, the Mountain View Vintage Market is only 2 days away so I’ve been tying up a few loose ends on my side to get ready.

This would include gathering up some last minute smaller items, pricing them and getting together all of the extra things that you might need to run a booth (scissors, tape, business cards, the square, etc).

I wanted to do a more well thought out blog post on the smaller items I am bringing and maybe why but… Like I said, time got away from me.

But I’ve got some pictures!

Not good pictures but at least it’s something.


We got scales.


Coral, geodes and a little milking stool.



Vintage lunch trays (could be used to hold makeup, jewelry, or for a paint pallet)


Small rugs.


Some leather bags and vintage gold framed mirrors.


Beautiful ironstone!


And two Underwood Typewriters!

Of course I have some other treasures as well but this kinda gives ya’ll a better idea of some of the things that will be at Mountain View.

I’m gonna try to get in one more post tonight! But we shall see.

– Amanda