The Skinny Little Side Table & Two Birds

I’m baaaack…

Finally, after a much longer break than I wanted, I am back to getting into a routine with the new job and preparing for the Lucketts Spring Market 2018 (which is a little over a month away).

I have been doing some treasure picking for Lucketts here and there for the past couple of months and wanna show off some of the items that will be coming to the market!

I have items that were found in VA, WV, and NC and this first little piece was found in a junk store in Wilmington, North Carolina!

The skinny little side table.


You might recognize it from my Instagram stories.


When I saw it, my first thought was that I liked that it wasn’t short and squatty and could be used for many difference places in a home. Of course I also love the chippy white paint.

it does that the little shelf area that could be used for a little bit of open storage.

because it is tall and narrow for a side table it would be great for a smaller room that is tight on space or for a awkward nook that can’t fit anything else.


the piece does have a protective coat of sealer on it so that all of that sweet character stays where it is.

The 2 little bird prints (found here in Virginia) will also be coming along for the Lucketts ride, as well as the bell (NC find).

I’ve gone back and forth on if I should paint the frames black or not…

It still might happen…



See that deconstructed chair on the left side of the picture? Keep an eye out for an update on that later.


More to come with Lucketts updates!

If you would like to know more about what the Lucketts Spring Market is and where, you can check out their info page here!

If you would like to check out last year’s event here is my Lucketts Review from 2017.

– Amanda