The Shire Dresser

I’m sorry ya’ll…

This blog post is gonna be a short one just because the melatonin that I took 3 hours ago is finially starting to kick in and it’s creeping up on 2 a.m.


I’ve actually had this dresser in my inventory stash for a at least 3 months.

It was a yard sale find that my sister called me about.

Sister: “Hey! We just passed a yard sale and it has some stuff you might like in it.”

Me: “Can you send me pictures?”

Sister: “Uggghhhh…. FINE.”

Me: “Thank youuu.”

(actual picture she sent me)



Kyle and I got to house just as they were calling it quits.

I actually really liked the look of dresser the way it was and a big sell on it for me was the idea that it wouldn’t be too much work.

Keep the originally chippy paint and seal it. Keep the old hardware and put on replacements where it was missing and boom, done.


Once again and I was blind to find.



Some of the drawers were stuck and some were just a pain to pull in and out.

Just like with The Faux Bone Inlay Dresser the drawers needed to be sanded down on the sides and have wax added to the to the edges to make the sliding easier.




I then added a coat of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish in Matte to seal all of the chippy goodness in.





I was so happy to find these Glass Pulls on Amazon that is exactly like the originals just new!



(I actually won’t get the hardware in until today so for pictures that I looked yesterday I just used 2 similar ones that are from the marble top washstand.)

My backup was 6, all new Hobby Lobby pulls but any chance I have to only replace 2 pulls instead of 6, I’m taking it.




Not a huge project but thats totally fine with me considering it’s crunch time with getting products ready for ZINC (which is this weekend btw).


I also wanted to let ya’ll know that the Little Marble Top Washstand will also be for sale at ZINC!




I was originally going to keep this piece but I can’t seem to find the right place in out house for it so I’m willing to let it go to a good home.

– Amanda