The Scandinavian Bench & A Mini

I’m in full PANIC mode.

The ZINC. Vintage Market goes Live on Friday but I really need to be done with everything today because I set up tomorrow and there will be no time to do anything else.

BUT things are getting done, despite some surprise thunder storms.

The Scandinavian Bench happens to be one of things I got to cross off the to-do list.

My dad found 2 of these benches on craigslist for me a few months ago. Benches are always a good find because they are so utilitarian. But they had been sitting in my parent’s garage and then my garage for awhile now.


I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to do with them.

If benches had looked differently when we got them I probably would have actually painted them white but something about this white looked very stark and boring.

How can I make this piece pop but still go along with a bunch of different style of decor.

Paint it black.

But not just any black…

My favorite black.

Valspar “Lincoln Cottage Black” in Matte finish

One coat of this was enough to cover the whole bench. I didn’t worry too much about getting a fully opaque finish because I knew I was going to do some light distressing to let a little of that original white show through.

I then went along the edges of the frame, sketching a line with chalk down the middle and doing the same hand painted detailing as I had on The Faux Bone Inlay Dresser with a leftover mixture of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint half and half Ironstone and Farmhouse White.


(sorry ya’ll. I completely forgot to take picture of this part)

I did a very very light sanding to distress the piece a little and topped it with Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish in Matte.

I wanted it to be unique piece but not overpowering. Simple, clean and timeless in it’s own way like most Scandinavian decor.

But it could go with the farmhouse style, minimalism, rustic, glam, eclectic. Whatever you’re into it could probably fit right in with.


I’m a fan but I might be a little bias.



I do have a second bench waiting in the wings but it is not yet painted. If the first bench goes quickly at ZINC this weekend than I’ll paint the other on Friday or Saturday night.

A really simple and easy project but it gave the piece a whole knew look.


If you weren’t sick of this design concept it yet I also have a mini of The Faux Bone Inlay Dresser coming to ZINC!


It is not the exact same as it’s big sister but it is done in the same style just on a smaller scale.




She could be used as a child’s dresser, a nightstand, side table, entry way piece. Anything but firewood is fine with me.

– Amanda