The Re-Invented Chaise Lounge Pt. 2

A couple weeks ago I left ya’ll on chaise lounge shaped a cliff hanger. Fingers on my right hand were swollen from trying pull up old upholstery nails and hitting my knuckle on the wooden frame when I miss with the pliers. So I took a necessary break… for my right hand’s sake.



(You can view Part 1 of this project here)

Well I decide on Sunday that my right hand’s physical health needed to wait!


So I got back to work. I pried out the majority of whatever remained of the upholstery nails and leftover fabric. Definitely the most time consumming part of the entire part of this project.





When that part was done all that was left was just an old wooden frame.

Has a strange resemblance to something that you might find on the side of road with a several trash can sitting beside it.




But those details though… What a beaut.






Okay… so where do I go from here…

Originally, I had planed to completely reupholster the entire piece but when I started thinking about the staging of it for pictures and I kept seeing it with just a rustic wood top and a pillow propped on the headrest.

Hmm where to get rustic wood.

For MONTHS my dad and I have been slowly been applying pallet boards to one of the walls at my booth in The Factory Antique Mall but something about it has been rubbing me the wrong way. Having rustic furniture and putting it in front of a completely rustic style wall was just a little too…. What’s the word….. Rustic… for me. I liked them separate but together.. meh.

So now I’ve been slowly taking it down all of that work (yes, feel bad for my dad) and have all these extra solid pallet boards that will work perfectly for the seat of this project.

All of the old nails that usually come with pallets had already been trimmed or pulled out already so thankful I didn’t have to do any of that (thank you dad). So I laid out the boards and screwed them all in.




Next would be cutting down all the boards to make them even with the frame. This calls for a Kyle.




He has this chalk thingy that makes a straight line when you pull it out and pluck it. Its like a carpenter’s banjo that helps complete DIY projects.




Last he cut all the boards along the chalk line leaving a clean edge.



To save all butts from possible splitters I sanded the rough boards and edges to be nice and smooth.

Lastly I put a 2 layers of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish in Matte to button the piece it up.

A little staging and….








A different way of using an old Chaise Lounge. The long antique panoramic picture of an Air Force crew will also be for sale at ZINC.




The Part 1 of this project has become my most popular pin on Pinterest and most popular blog post so far so I really hope I’m not disapointing anyone by doing only the wood and not cushion and fabric.

I think someone might be able to get more use out of it this way than as a traditional, covered lounge. It could go inside as a entry way bench, in a mudroom, at the foot of a bed as a laundry collector or outside on a porch. Lots of options here people!

The Re-invented Chaise Lounge will be finding it’s way the ZINC.Vintage Market in less than 2 weeks!!!! Oh.My.Goodness. I have SO MUCH TO GET DONE BEFORE THAT GOES DOWN. Enough writing. Back to work!

– Amanda


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