The Re-invented Chaise Lounge Pt. 1

Nothing ever seems to be easy when dealing with old stuff. And since I had yet to exist when these items were being handcrafted I am learning everyday that I have NO idea what I am doing. I know it is a piece of work when I buy it but I am somehow blind to the obvious flaws and the VERY CLEAR amount of labor that will be in my future. But if I can create any kind of vision for a piece of furniture than I can make it happen… And when I fail then Kyle can make it happen.

Hahahaha ha ha haaaa…..

One day I’m gonna bring home one too many “easy projects” and he’s gonna leave and never come back.

………………… anyways……………….

The current “easy project” is this Eastlake style Chaise Lounge.

There’s actually not much that excites me about chaise lounges or fainting couches. They have a very romantic feel to them and I’ve never “dreamed” of having one but they are starting to grow on me. So much so that I decided to take a chance on this particular one.


The price was right and I thought; “Ehh, why not? Maybe it could be used as a bench, or whatever way works best for the person that takes it home.”

If you saw my Instagram stories (which in the future you can see here), you probably saw all of the GROSS inner-workings of the seat.

Old horse hair used as cushion, burlap, and years and years of dust.


Not my first time dealing with horse hair in antique upholstery… Makes my skin crawl every time.

I will be able to save the springs though! I actually sell these pretty well by themselves to people that use them for craft projects.



*air karate kick/throws fist in the air*

Unexpected score!

I had originally planned to re-upholster the entire piece but after some thinking I kinda like the idea of just having a wooden base and propping up a linen pillow on the headrest. I don’t Know.. I’ll figure it out on the way.


For now It’s a work in progress but I do plan on having it done in time for the ZINC. Vintage Market which is September 8th-10th in Crozet, VA! I participated in ZINC last year and LOVED it and if you want a fun event to go to for the whole family than this is gonna be your JAM. It is a smaller show but it has live music, a beer🍺 and wine🍷 truck, delicious food, games for the rug-rats, and antiques! A little something for everyone. The hosts, Tara and Erin, do a really great job putting on a show.


If you are coming from out of town, the show location is right near the 151 Breweries (Blue Mountain Brewery, Devils Backbone Brewing Company, Wild Wolf Brewing Company), wineries, a distiller (Silverback Distillery), and ciders (Bold Rock Cidery). Right over the hill from Charlottesville, VA and amazing restaurants like Pro Re Nata Brewery and Smoked Kitchen and Tap.

I’ll do an updated post on the Re-invented Chaise Lounge when it is done and I hope to do more posts on what I’ll be taking to ZINC so keep an eye out for that!

(Look here to see pt. 2 of this blog series)


– Amanda