The Painted Lady (aka Vivian)

This post is gonna be short and sweet.

I just wanted to introduce y’all to Vivian.


This beautiful portrait painting of an unknown women.

I asked Kyle what name he thought she would have and without skipping a beat he said that she looked like a Vivian. So Vivian was found in Richmond, VA.

She is a stunner!


I’m not kidding. I was out treasure picking in between consulting appointment and she stopped me dead in my tracks.

The gold chippy frame amplifies her elegant look along with that red lipstick.


a few years ago I probably wouldn’t have gone for a random portrait painting but they are growing one me.

Some of you might remember Bunny?

I had her around for a little while before taking her to my booth. Someone must have really loved her because she went to another home not long after that.

I’ve noticed that the portrait paintings are growing on others as well so its not just a “me” thing.



A portrait painting is a piece of original art.

No one else will have the same painting which makes each of them that much more unique.

And if you happen to have a family piece… Well, thats even more special.


Vivian will be making her debut at Lucketts and I’m hoping she’ll find a forever home from there.

What do y’all think? She definitely makes a statement.

More Lucketts updates coming tomorrow!

– Amanda