The Mudcloth Pair

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I have another finished upholstery project to share!

Probably my most out-of-the-box job yet. Out of the box for me anyways!

I picked up these two sad, old little office chairs at a local auction.



They are boring and very straight forward. Nothing left to the imagination.

There really wasn’t anything about them that would make you think, “Ohhh, I can see what these could be.” Even the frame of the chairs was from snoozeville. But I wanted a challenge and to see if I could take something that was so boring to the next level.


Taking them apart was the first item on the makeover to-do list.

Removing the cushions from the frames so that the oak could be completely sanded down.


Y’all might be sick of hearing this but I did decided to go with keeping the frames a raw wood.


Boooo! Again?!

I know! I know!

Paint just hasn’t been speaking to me much lately but the raw wood look has.


So they were sanded down and sealed with Minwax Polycrylic Water Base Protective Coat in Clear Matte.



I let them dry while I worked on the seat cushions.


Sooo… Who picked this fabric?? I wanna know! I want to know why they chose this fake-grass, green fabric.


I’m sure people will look back at my fabric choices and say the same thing but… I very much doubt this look was ever in style.

So I removed all of the old stuff and needed to pick a new fabric for the finished look.

I had originally thought about using a faux cowhide but the one I ordered was too small and if I went much bigger in size it would have been to expensive to be worth it.

Because the frames are so simple I felt like the pair could easily carry a funky pattern and it not look overbearing.



I found these newer mudcloths on Etsy and it was getting to a point where I just had to make a decision so I ordered them!

It is a very bold, African style pattern. I know its a little different from what y’all usually see from me and super eclectic but thats what I’m kinda going for this year!


I attached all the fabric to the cushions and reattached the cushions to the frames.




Another completed project ready for the Lucketts truck!






8 Days till the Spring Market!

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May 17th-19th