The Locust Point Dresser

This might be a surprise for some of you but I actually have only 3 piece of furniture that I will be bringing to Lucketts (as of right now) that I, personally, did any kind of painting to.

  1. You already know about the Swan Settee ’18 that has a light white wash under the stain work that I did on the frame (Part 2 of that is coming soon btw).

IMG_15362. Another piece that is also still in the works…

*I have a few too many projects still in the production process for being this close to LSM.

3. Annnnnddd… This dresser.

*HA! I warned those that don’t like to see wood being painted that my brush and I would be back. Wood-purest and pregnant women might not be able to handle what is come next. Read on at your own risk.


I found this great piece in Midlothian, VA and I knew immediately that I wanted to see it with chippy paint.

The bones of the dresser were in great shape even if it is missing some of it’s decorative pieces. Small things like that don’t really matter if you are going for that “worn from love” look anyways.


First thing that needed to happen after getting it home was to give it a light sanding and clean out that old dust.

After removing the hardware I used a 120 grit sandpaper and went all over the surface of the dresser once really quickly. Done in 5-7 minutes tops.

I wanted a decent amount of chipping after I put the paint on so its best to not make the surface too coarse.

After getting off all of the old dust and new sanding dust it was time for the fun stuff.


I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Farmhouse White for this particular piece. I really wanted a lot of interest from the high contrast of the white paint chipping off and showing the old dark stain underneath.


After the first coat was on and dry I realized that this was probably gonna be a 3 coater. Because the stain under the paint was so dark and I was trying to cover it with it a lighter color 2 coats just wasn’t going to cut it.

I let it dry over night after finishing the 3rd layer of paint and look what I woke up to…


Look at all that chippy goodness!

I’ve notice that when I use milk paint on my projects that the more layers of paint tends to equal more chipping.

I took another piece of 120 grit sandpaper and just lightly went over the whole dresser to let the loose paint flake away where it wanted without much force.


To finish, I brushed on a thin layer of Minwax Polycrylic Matte Protective Coat to seal in that chippy finish and prevent too much future chipping from happening.



I did decide to re-use the original hardware to button up the piece. I’m usually pretty quick to put new knobs or pulls on a piece of furniture but it just didn’t feel right to do for this one.

With the old furniture company’s tag on the back (which is why I named it the Locust Point Dresser), and it being in such good structural shape I wanted keep it as true to the original as possible while still lighting it up.

Beside, if the future owner wants to put different hardware on later on down the road they are more than welcome to do so.


A little playing around with the staging annnnnd…



It has a very feminine look to it. With the curves, original fancy hardware and the addition of the lighter color it now has a romantic feel.


It could go in any room of a home but I keep picturing it in nursery or little girl’s room.


What are your thoughts?

I’m happy I was able to get a painted dresser in to the LSM’18 stash. I didn’t think it was gonna happen there for a second.


I am really running out of time for getting things done its time to load up the trucks and there is still lots to do! Like… WAYYYY TOO MUCH.  Keep your eyes open for more updates! Also, be prepare for more spelling, writing and punctuation errors than usual because your gurl ain’t got time to proof-read these days.

– Amanda