The Little Pine Piece

For those of you that are just getting into the furniture makeover & resale biz here is a tip – Tell ALL your friends and family.

Not only do they have furniture they want to get rid of but they probably know someone that has furniture that they want to get rid of too – OR – they will keep an look out for you incase any furniture deals pop up.

Thats exactly how I came to acquire this little pine piece.


My Aunt Alice spotted it on Facebook for sale and asked if I would be interested.

Of course! Look at those adorable front legs!


I want to call it a buffet because it came with this removable bar tray on the top but the whole piece is so tiny.


It’s a great size for a nightstand or for a small entryway. Another piece that could easily fit anywhere.


Because of the super glossy original finish, I need to really sand the surfaces if there was gonna be any hope of paint adhering.


I went ahead and sanded the original knobs as well.


After cleaning off all of the sanding dust, it was time for paint.

I wanted a black furniture piece in my booth this year so I chose to use Miss Mustard Seed’s Typewriter, the black from her milk paint line.


first coat went on smoothly and I painted the knobs I had sanded.


IMG_8564-2I applied a second coat after the first dry for about 2 hours.


I was going for a slightly distressed look just to highlight some of it little details.

120 grit sand paper helped with that.


All that was left to do was to apply a protective coat and call this project don…..Wait…

Wait, wait, wait, wait…. What’s happening here?!



The protective coat’s clear -but- milky consistency, turned my matte black finish to a streaky navy blue!


It wasn’t terrible but not my vision for this little buffet. Plus the streakiness the whole thing look like it was rushed.

I didn’t have the time to redo it but…

Starting over.


I didn’t fully strip it but I had to break out the sandpaper. AGAIN.

And mix up some more paint. AGAIN.


After two new coats of milk paint, I got the piece back to how it was before I had applied the protective coat previously.



Okay, now it’s DONE.





I kept the staging simple because even though it’s just painted black, the piece still has a BOLD presence.


I found these chippy plaster doves at an auction to sell at lucketts but they made for perfect staging materials in the moment.



I finished the removable tray in same way so whoever decides to take home piece will be taking the tray home too if they want it.


Thank you all for sticking around and watching the chaos unfold as I get ready for this big event!

I’ve really put my whole heart and soul into Lucketts this year and I hope that it is coming across in these post and over on social media.

Thank you for support and love!

Click – HERE – for more information on the Lucketts Spring Market

May 17th-19th