The Ironstone Collection | Mini Event ’20

You may have already heard by now that the postponed Lucketts Spring Market has now been completely cancelled for the year 2020.

Very disappointing for everyone involved but the amazing Lucketts staff did everything they could. You just can’t negotiate with a respirator virus.

That being said I still have a ton of hoarded inventory that needs to find new homes.

Ill be setting up a MINI EVENT in my booth location at The Factory Antique Mall for the Weekend of Augusta 7th- 9th for anyone that still wants to shop.

To give you a better idea of what will be there I’ll be doing a few post like this one to show off the goods.

I present to you the 2020 Ironstone Collection.


The collection consists of…

17 water pitchers

7 milk pitchers

15 wash basins

11 plates

6 soup bowls

& a bunch of other pieces.


Some are in a little better shape than others. That’s never bothered me but others might think differently.


Every piece is unique and some have the most beautiful stamps on the bottom.


The FAM is HUGE with over 200 vendors. You can shop other booths as well if you decide to make the trip. There are several hotels within a 10 mile radius along with the historic downtown Staunton for some good eating.

Would love for you to come check us out!

New post coming tomorrow.