The Come Back of “Over the Top” Chandeliers

Anybody else into chandeliers right now?

Anyone? Anyone?

Just me??

Well if you’re curious to what I mean by Chandeliers…

I’m not talking about this.



I’m talking about this.




Completely over the top, every-bit-of-EXTRA-you-can-get chandelier.

Now, there is nothing wrong with the more basic lighting in the first picture. None at all. A lighting feature should either fade into the background (become one of those things that you don’t even think about) or make a statement. Just speaking for myself, I’ve notice that I’m all about some statement chandeliers.

When I was growing up the only place I remember seeing glamorous lighting was in hotels and fancy restaurants. I never saw it in homes. Could it be making a comeback into everyday living?

Kyle and I purchase our first home a little over a year ago. It’s a plain-jane 2008 cookie-cutter home. No character what-so-ever. So that is what our mission is in this first house, adding character and making it our own. It’s great because it’s a blank canvas starting out and the only work that we will do will be cosmetic.

So we’ve been throwing ideas around for the past year about how to add character to the house and one of the things that popped up was changing out the lighting.

If you’re into home decor and bloggers than there probably about 99.9% chance that you’ve followed the Liz Marie Blog or at least seen her pictures and home on Instagram or Pinterest.

In her dinning room she added 3 antique style chandeliers that she purchased from Lowes. It adds a little bit a lux to all the texture of natural woods and chippy painted pieces in her home as-well-as character.

It’s hard to find an antique chandelier that doesn’t need to be completely re-wired before installing. It’s hard to find beautiful antique chandeliers period! I had my hands on a similar one to the 3 that Liz has in her dinning room. It wasn’t as big but it was an actual antique. I wanted to keep it so bad but a friend of mine from school loved it even more and has it in her home now.



I’ve been on a hunt for a replacement ever since. I pre-warned Kyle that if I find one I love I’m keeping and that’s that.

Well, I didn’t find one…. I found THREE!

A small, medium and large!




I died and went to heaven. It’s the only explanation. Who finds these kinds treasures in the middle of Virginia? NO ONE!

I know I’ve only been in the biz for 2 years but I’ve seen a lot in that short amount of time and a ton of repeat items. Guess what doesn’t come up a lot?? Gorgeous chandeliers that’s what! Especially not ones that look like these. I asked the guy I got them from if he knew anything about them, all he knew was that they had to haul them out of hoarder’s home in DC.

The cherry on top of the Chandelier shaped cake?

They are the same style that Joanna Gaines used in the dinning room of The School House (Also known as the German Schmear House) Season 3, episode 8.





When they were safely in my possession, I called Kyle to reiterate the pre-warning about how annoying I was going to be about these beauties.




I was pretty annoying.




I can’t get over them.

As of right now we are keeping the largest of the 3 to hang in our kitchen/dinning area. I’m going to post a time-lapse of Kyle and I doing the install so keep an eye out for that on Instagram and Facebook. Should be interesting.

HOWEVER…. I’m willing to part with the other 2.

They’ll be up at The Factory Antique Mall in Verona, Virginia as soon as figure out how I can hang them in my space and just so everyone knows, they are on the pricey side of the spectrum. Sorry about that part.




So, what do ya’ll think? Are you a subtle lighting kind of person or are you all about the chandies too? Do you think fancy lighting is making a come-back? Let me know in the comments!!

– Amanda