The Checked Pair

So this post and all the post leading up to the spring market will be mostly pictures but I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging with Lucketts ’19 inventory updates!

We are in full hustle-mode over here! No thinking allowed, ONLY DOING! This little pair of antique chairs that I picked up from auction were one of the less stressful jobs that I was able to get done fairly quickly.

Thank goodness! I needed the mental break from the crazier projects.




The original plan was to give the frame a light distressing and then paint them black but when I started to sand them I really loved how the raw wood looked under that red stain.


I got the sanding done on a mass sanding day when it wasn’t raining and I decided to just go with it and kept the raw wood.


I ripped the old fabric off easily and I had been wanting to use this black-checked cotton for the new look. Checkered fabric can read very “grandma” but I have seen it before in a way that looked fresh & new so I was hoping it would come across in that way.


Not to mention that the lines made for easy cutting.



It didn’t take too long staple the fabric into place and whip out some double-welt cording to finish the look.


It feels good to get an upholstery job done in a day! It’s a nice confidence booster.




90’s grunge meets farmhouse style?

The thought of that description makes me chuckle a little bit but I feel like that could accurately describe a lot of people’s look from back then to now.


We are just over a week away till the Lucketts Spring Market 2019.

It will be my biggest and, hopefully, the best show that I have ever done and I can hardly contain my excitement!

Hope that you all can come!