The Beginning of the LSM Ironstone Collection

Of course a Lucketts Spring Market wouldn’t be complete without Ironstone!

I have been collecting for awhile now but its been tricky. Trying to find really beautiful pieces that are priced well for resell and still keeping it really affordable for ya’ll has gotten a little tough over the past couple of years. Still possible to do it’s just more difficult because other dealers know its really desirable and are looking for it as well.


The collection is not yet complete BUT I am still on the hunt! This is just the start of what I plan on having available for y’all and I hope to have a really beautiful and full display of ironstone pitchers and bowls.


The white ironstone in its many forms of shades and stages of aging are probably my favorite.


Sike. They are definitely my favorite.

But don’t fret if you love some mixed colored pieces. I’m picking up beautiful any pretty pieces I can fine!


I found this amazing piece while on a shopping trip with my friend, Emily, just this Sunday. A ironstone casserole dish made in Finland with a little wicker carrier!

How cute is that!!!


I’ve been gathering a few beautiful stoneware pieces as well. Stoneware tends to be a heavier duty than ironstone but is still old and lovely for those that like a little soul in their dishes.

I collect mixing bowls myself. I would love to eventually start collecting pitchers, especially milk pitchers, but I don’t currently have the display space so y’all need to enjoy it for me!


I know for a fact that I won’t be the only shop owner at Lucketts with ironstone to scoop up.

Beth from Old Thyme Market Place, Haley from The Gray Door Market, Kayla from Plum Pretty Decor and Design, Chelsey from Shop A Cozy Home and many other shop owners at Lucketts will also have an awesome ironstone stashes so I hope your ready to shop and beef up your own collection!


We are closing in on the market date and I’m setting into my usual panic mode. I cleaned up my garage today while it was nice to make room for all the treasures so poor Kyle and the dogs don’t have to live with the chaos in the house. More to updates to come tomorrow!

– Amanda