Terra Cotta Clay Pots

At the end of my last post I mentioned that I have the ZINC. Vintage Market show coming up in Crozet, Virginia next month (September 8th-10th).



I want to give folks that are planning to come a heads up on what I’ll be bringing with me so ya’ll can pre-shop and possibly save your pennies for treasures. So over the next month expect most of my blog post to be about that. I have some really pretty things so I’m sure ya’ll won’t mind.

The first of these post are about pots.





But not for pissing in.

This year I have found a love for simple, utilitarian things. From humble ironstone bowls to less “frilly” pieces of furniture.

Terra cotta clay pots are no exceptions. They have the color and simplicity of the mid-centry MOD look but can carry the farmhouse utilitarian feel when planted with herbs and flowers and I am selling them at ZINC for the people that can actually keep a succulent alive.




I wish my thumb was greener but I’m still in the learning stages of gardening. If plants had nightmares I would be their worst. But I’m trying and these pots give me some extra incentive.




All of the terra cotta have been used before and have a slightly aged look. I have a 35 pots in a variety sizes for $1 – $4 a piece.

But wait there’s more!

I also have these white-striped gray pots. They are obviously newer but do have “Magnolia” feel to them, which I like. I have 15 of these guys and selling them for $6 a piece.





I hope ya’ll are able to come out that weekend to see my pots… ha.. Always keep treasure hunting!

– Amanda