Take Me to Church

It was completely unintentional when gathering items but I have noticed that I have a underlining theme of the Holy nature.

Okay, okay… So its only 3 items but I needed a snappy title to this blog post.


So a white church bird house, 2 Large chippy white candelabras, and some very old piano keys walk into a bar… Blah blah blah..

Some how the joke would end with communion wine. Ha ha…

(probably shouldn’t quit my day job just yet)

For real though, I do love all three of these things. Together and separate. They’re all little eclectic and romantic too.

The bird house was found here in Verona, VA and the candelabras and piano keys were both found in Wilmington, NC.



The candelabras have a interesting story. The owners of junk shop that I picked them up from said that they think they were used as movie props when Wilmington had big film productions happening in the area.



they have a brass base under the white that has started to chip away AND the height is adjustable.


The piano keys… Well.. I don’t know, I just like them!

I like the idea as using them as wall art.

A call back to how much craftsmanship went into how things were made.


So what are your thoughts on these items? Totally up your ally?

All 3 will be heading to Lucketts and I’m excited to set up the display that pairs these with the other items I’m bringing!

More updates to come tomorrow!

– Amanda