My Obsession with Nightly Resets

What in the world is a nightly reset?

A nightly reset is designated time to getting your main living spaces back to, in ballet terminology, first position.

A quick tidying up and taking a little extra time in the evenings to set the next day up for success.


This usually involves:

  • A tidying up that only last about 45 minutes
  • Putting items back in rooms that they are suppose to go in.
  • Doing the daily dishes so that I don’t have to wake up to them the next day.
  • Wiping down the kitchen counters of crumbs and stickiness.

Bonus reset activities:

  • Packing tomorrow’s lunch.
  • Setting out tomorrow’s outfits.
  • Making tomorrow’s to-do or priority list.


I could lie to myself and leave the dishes to “soak” over night, while I’m at the office or running around for different projects but I also hate knowing that they are there, waiting for me to get home.

That’s when they are known to multiple.

I’ve been working on doing nightly resets for the past few months and noticed how much better it was to wake up to a tidy living room and kitchen.



I get that I might be sounding a little “holier than thou” by putting this out there but I’m writing it to let people know that I have to do nightly resets for myself.

If you are anything like me, who is a perpetually late person that is, somehow, also a control freak and will be bother all day knowing that the dishes from last night are still not done… Well this helped me get some sense of control in the mornings when I need all the help I can get just to get out the door.


Here are some benefits that I have received from practicing a nightly reset:

  • Less mental clutter and not bogged down by the previous day.
  • Mornings feel more in my control. Woke up later than I wanted? No more having to leave the house in a hurry and a mess.
  • No more build up and letting house work run my time off.
  • I know exactly where everything is.

Temporary Cons:

  • Another thing I have to do after a long day.
  • Cuts into “me” time.
  • Cuts into my night-time routine.
  • Cuts into family time.

The reason I say temporary cons is because it is an incovience at first. After practicing a 45 min nightly reset for a week or two, it became less of a burden.

What I was completing in 45 minutes I can now get done in 30. I’m also able to get more done in the 45 minute time allotment then I was when I first started.


It might sound crazy but I’ve noticed that I have started to enjoy the reset.

I’ll listen to a podcast while doing the dishes or sip on some wine or hot tea when I’m laying out tomorrow’s outfits. The feeling of getting my mornings under control before they even start is an euphoric experience for a control freak like myself.

For those of you that have made it this far into a TIDYING UP blog post here is some tips to help you get started with practicing nightly resets.

  • Whatever you do, don’t over think the reset. Start on the easiest stuff that needs almost no thought, like dishes.
  •  Don’t take on too much and get overwhelmed. Only spend 45 mins to 1 hour max on the reset.
  • When your first forming the habit, don’t try to reset every room in the house. Main living areas only and maybe your own room.


Yeah. Okay. Reseting sound easy if the house was already clean and organized.”


A reset is much easier if there isn’t days or weeks of pilled up mess waiting to be done but it isn’t impossible.

On day 1 just reset the kitchen.

  • Do the dishes & put them away.
  • Throw away trash or take the trash out if it is full.
  • Put food boxes and spices back to their starting point.
  • Store away less-frequently used items that take up countertop space and create visual clutter.
  • Collect all the mail and bills and put them in one spot. But don’t go through them at this point.
  • Wipe down countertops and the microwave.

We have tons of decisions to make all day long, so give yourself a gift and take things off of your plate for tomorrow.


I hope you aren’t sick of hearing about all of the de-cluttering and tidying up that everyone seems to be doing right now and can take something away from this borderline braggy post.

I’ll talk to ya’ll next week!