Mountain View Vintage Market | My Last Show of The 2017

First of all.

I am so very sorry It took me over a week to get this blog post up. I was sick for a few days and I trying to get my full time booth back together at The Factory Antique Mall and actually fill it up for the first time in months (that’s blog post for another day).

But I am posting today with a quick review of the Mountain View Vintage Market and how it went for myself.


So to begin, the wonderful woman that put together MVVM is Jennifer Lesniak.

This was the first time she has ever put a show together and when I say that this woman hustled, I mean she HUSTLED.

Jenn contacted me about being in MVVM back in March or April of this year and had been getting together a list of other amazing vendors from all over VA and even some from NC.

She worked so incredibly hard and it showed in how beautifully the event came together. The layout was well thought through and you could tell that she did not just throw this thing together.

Going into MVVM I wasn’t sure on what to expect. Because it was her first show and I hadn’t been to the Bedford, VA area in YEARS, I wasn’t sure what the buying market was or what the location looked liked.

I was willing to roll the dice on it though. It was planned to be only a one day show and the location was only around an hour and a half from our house. Not too risky with time or resources.

After ZINC (which was my last show), I started to think about what I wanted to take to MVVM. I try to do each show as different as I can or at least bring different items from the last one. You can check out my inspiration for MVVM here.


I think we settled on the title of “Elegant Eclectic Farmhouse” for the style of the items I was gathering for the show. I LOVED how it all looked together.

We set up on Friday and we were SO LATE setting up because of the traffic we got caught up in on the way there. Thank goodness I had my dad and brother there to help Kyle and I. We just barely got everything done before it got completely dark.

I wish I had time to take more pictures of the set up and location.

One day I’ll get it right.








Saturday ended up being a beautiful BEAUTIFUL day. We got there around 9 and the gates opened at 10 am. A line had formed and shoppers were ready to check out all of the treasures.



The most expensive and the biggest item I took was The Wardrobe at $300. I really wanted to make everything very affordable and fairly easy to transport. Basically, I wanted to sell stuff.

My best sellers at this show turned out to be the little luncheon trays! We sold all 28 of them. One particular mother and daughter picked up 20 for themselves! The other 8 were gone just a few minutes after that.


A bitter sweet moment was watching The Ticking Twins find a new home. They ended being featured on Miss Mustard Seed’s (Marian’s) personal Instagram for #furniturefeaturefriday and I can not tell you how excited and happy I was when that happened! They went to a good home though. I know that Kortnei at barkerrestoration will love them as much as I did.




(I’m so proud!)

I really like the one day show format. It gives the sense that if you don’t buy it you might miss it! 2-3 day shows can be a really big commitment on time, finances and energy. They’re okay once and awhile but I don’t think every show needs to be that long, especially the smaller ones that are still building a following.


I have no doubt that MVVM will be even bigger next year. Jenn rocked it out and a big THANK YOU to her for inviting me to be a part of it and to all the volunteers and helpers that were there to make the event successful.

Congrats Jen!


(Jennifer and her beautiful family)

 – Amanda