Mirrors & Mediums

The booth is starting to come together over at The Factory Antique Mall! It’s still in that wild, in-between stage right now but at least I know where I’m going with it.

One of the things to be done before I could start moving around furniture is the stuff that was to go up on the walls needed to be hung first.

Yesterday it was the black & white panoramic photos, today it was the gold-framed mirror collection.


Lots of little collections being brought to you this year but I feel like that makes for a more cohesive shop space.


No two are similar and they vary in age. A few are showing some frame chipping but I like that, others may not.


There’s variety of frame shapes, thickness & ware but they make for a stunning installation all up together.


I also wanted to show off some more medium sized furniture that has moved into the space.

This round, claw-foot table being one of them.

I found it just like this! All I did was clean her up and seal in that chippy paint.




2 LARGE concrete planters that are VERY heavy.


This little piece that I believe is an old church offering table.


A white crescent table that is very tall.


A crafting/work shop table that is just a little over bar height. It has a metal base, is on wheels that lock and would make for an unique kitchen island.


I’ve had this child’s desk in my booth for about a month but its still there and will be available for Friday’s event.


A little wooden side table.


The last thing I’ll share this evening is this little ball & claw feet piano stool with the perfect amount of patina.


Friday is approaching fast and I’m hustling to get everything done!

Check back tomorrow for a new update.