Lucketts Spring Market Auction Haul

I’m in the sourcing stage for Lucketts. No stone un-turned!

I’m knocking on doors!

I’m checking out my antique honey-holes.

I’m all up in those goodwill shelves! Not very successful on that front BUT you get my point.

Auctions is another place I’m regular checking out to see whats up for grabs. But here’s the thing about auctions, everyone else is checking them out too and not just other vintage shop owners.

You don’t want to get into a bidding war with someone who wants it for their own personal use when you want it for resale. You’ll lose that fight 95% of the time.

But every once in awhile you can walk away with some real treasures or project pieces to work on.

For this particular blog post I wanted to share a few things that I recently picked up from a local auction.

I was able to preview all the items before placing my bids and there were a few things that I had originally thought I was going to bid on that I decided against.

Some items, like this table and rug went WAY too high in price or me to consider putting in a counter bid.


IMG-4642But when the night was over I did manage to snag a few things.


An Antique Green Velvet Chair


I like the overall shape of the chair but I also didn’t hate the color. Weird right? It is something that I could always change down the road but for now I’m just going to take it to the antique mall. If it doesn’t sell there it will be coming to Lucketts in May but I need to put SOMETHING in my booth space!

A Pair of Oval Framed, Floral Prints


Floral prints are on the rage for spring almost every year. I might remove the rounded-glass but I love the size of them and subject material.

A Blue, Velvet Chair


This chair turned out to be much bigger than I expected ad overall the original fabric isn’t in terrible shape. My plan is to re-upholster it but I like the frame (not finishes’ color) and shape. I’m excited to see what the guts look like because it might be a good candidate for a deconstructed piece? Hmmm.

Worn Antique Rug


I could probably sell this rug as-is but I think it would get more use if I made rug pillows! You might not be able to fit a huge rug like this in your home BUT you probably have a room for rug pillow on your couch or chair. Because of it’s size I should have plenty for purchase at the LSM’19 so everyone can enjoy this beauty!

A Textured, Velvet Couch

I know that sometimes I pick-up stuff that people aren’t sure about and this couch might be one of those items.


People keep asking if I’ll be doing something about the fabric but I really don’t mind it! It has a down-feather cushion that is in great shape too. I think I will paint the frame with a white milk paint but probably not much else.

IMG_5109It is currently being used to stage out a house I have listed on the market and it looks amazing with funky pillows layered on it.



It doesn’t happen very often but I was able to snag 5 pieces of ironstone all at once.


An amazing soup tureen with a ladle and a huge mixing bowl.


2 serving dishes.


And a milk pitcher.

IMG_5035They’re not in perfect shape but I’m okay with that. White Ironstone is become VERY hard to find so any chance I get to pick it up, I do!

This is just one of my most recent auction hauls for the Lucketts Spring Market , If you have watched my Insta-stories (@amandafreedhomes) you know that I have had a few others. We are closing in fast on the big weekend and I am working on projects every chance that I get!