Lucketts Spring Market ’17

First, sorry for the long hiatus. Spring show season ended up being crazier than planned… or expected. The original plan was to show at The Gray Door Market the first weekend of May, The Barn for the second weekend of May and The Antique Expo for the third. Well, the first two weekends went as planned but at the last minute I threw myself a curve ball and decide to do Lucketts instead The Antique Expo. So happy I made the switch! I got to meet Marian, Miss Mustard Seed herself! I’m so glad I got to partticipate in a show with her and feel the energy that she brings. I fear it maybe her last Lucketts since it sounds like she will be moving soon.

Well, as a newbie to the amazingness that is Lucketts, there was a small learning curve but I didn’t feel alone since this was everyone’s first year at the new Berryville location. Here’s kind of a quick brake-down of how the week and weekend went.


Load up the 20 ft. truck, last minute packing and, if you saw my Instagram and Facebook, last minute dresser painting.


Leave early in the morning, get to the grounds around 10 am. Unload the trucks and build the tent. we were able to get almost everything in place but some rain hit right before we finished so we needed to make sure that all fabric items and nice indoor pieces were safe inside the tent for the night.


VIP SHOPPING: Got to the location super early, and thank goodness we did! We had a ton to dry off and reset everything that we pulled in the evening before. The VIP shoppers were not messing around either! A line began to form at around 7 a.m. and when I sent my sister up to the front to assess the situation before the gates opened she came jogging back with a panicked looked on her face like “We are not moving as fast as we need to be to get this done”. With seconds to spare we got everything organized and in place when the VIP mob came rushing in. I wouldn’t have worried so much about the VIP crowd, because I knew they were not rushing in to see my space. These people are B-linning their way towards Miss Mustard Seed, Plum Pretty Decor, and Olde Time Market Place, BUT my space was right up front to the entrance and I needed to give these people a reason to come back to see my little 10×20 space.

GENERAL ADMISSION: I actually complete forgot about the gates re-opening at 12 for the general admission shoppers. So we had a mad rush at 8:30 am and again at 12 noon. I don’t think there was a slow time the entire time… AND IT WAS A FRIDAY!! Out of all 3 days, Friday was the busiest and most lucrative day for us. Here are some pictures of day 1. I’m sorry I didn’t take more pictures.






Once again there was a HUGE line built up of eager shoppers! My sister and I rushed around getting everything into place for the day. This day was a little more relaxed and halfway through my sister had to leave and my dear friend, Ashley took her place and was an amazing sales person!



By the time Sunday came rolling in… lets just say… Ashley and I stumbled in with it. We. Were. Beat. Some how we made it to the grounds an hour before the gates opened, to rearrange everything, so that if we had any repeat shoppers they might be able to see something that they might have missed before. There was still a line of shoppers formed but not nearly like there was on Saturday and Friday. These were the bargain hunters and my red pen and I were ready. I was ready to make deals and did when it worked for both parties. Sunday actually flew by, and next thing I knew it was time to break everything down. Unfortunately, I complete forgot to take pictures of everything that went on Sunday. Sorry about that. We did end up taking a decent bit home but didn’t fill up the 20 ft truck nearly as tight as we did when we brought it. My mom, dad, sister, ashley, aunt and uncle all pitched in to help get us packed up and out of there. I am truly thankful for all of their help.

Thank you to everyone that came up and I truly enjoyed meeting all of fans of The Ugly Duckling. I’m already starting to come up with a game plan for next year!

Alway keep treasure hunting!

– Amanda