Lucketts Set Up

The day has come to get all of these beautiful treasures to the Clarke County Fairgrounds!


My family a huge help in getting the HUGE box truck loaded with all of furniture and staging material that I needed.


We were busy packing and loading on Tuesday and Wednesday. All of the breakable smalls were carefully wedged between the furniture pieces. Loading furniture and smalls is like playing Tetris but less satisfying.




It takes a small army to do a Lucketts’ set 10×20. I know that doesn’t sound like much and I’ve heard of people doing this kind of thing on their own but I don’t see how. I am very fortunate to have the support system I have around me to pull this off every year.


Kyle and I woke up this morning and started our junk-hauling caravan up the road. I was so hyped up on adrenaline and coffee that I BLASTED “Pennies from Heaven” by Louis Prima and “All Star” by Smash Mouth on repeat for the ENTIRE hour and half drive to the Fairgrounds. Kyle was in a different car so don’t feel bad for him.

We got to the fairgrounds right around 9:30 am and it was time to get all of my pent-up energy out!



We strategically loaded the truck by putting all of the smaller items near the front of the cab so that it would have to be unloaded last, furniture in the middle and near the back and closest to the door opening, the display walls.

We need to get the display walls up first before we can actually start playing around with the displays! DUH.



I used them at last year’s market and like how they defined my space. The floor in the show barn isn’t perfectly flat so installing these babies are a fun time and half the battle of setting up the space. You can feel bad for Kyle at this part.

When it’s time to actually set up the displays I usually have any idea about how I want the space to look. I have been mentally playing around with the layout and furniture setup for MONTHS but you never really know until its time to actually bring it all together.












Its just as important to making sure that we have all of the boring things that make for a successful show.

Extra tags, pens, business cards, bags, news paper for wrapping, tape, glass cleaner, paper towels & rags, a screwdriver, change for cash purchases, a cooler for water and gatorades, the Square for running credit cards…. Stuff that can easily be forgotten about in the shuffle but is actually super important to making things run smoothly.

We actually got everything done a little early this year so we got to go exploring and check out everyone else’s setups, say hi to some old friends and meet new ones.

I can’t express how excited I am for this year’s market and the appreciation I have for the Lucketts team that works their butt off every year to put on such a fabulous event. I’m super appreciative of Casey letting me set up at the last minute 3 years ago and sharing all of my spammy Lucketts post for the past 5 months.


A huge thank you to everyone that has been following along, prayed for us to have a successful show and sent me very supportive messages and words of encouragement along the way. Thank you.

Thank you mom for sewing rugs pillows with me.

Thank you dad for driving all over to auctions and helping with furniture pick-ups.

Thank you Kyle for fixing furniture, and taking time off of work to help set everything up.

Thank you to my Aunt Alice & Uncle Todd for letting us stay and visit with them every year too.

I hope you are able to come check it out and I hope that every vendor has a successful show!



You can click – HERE – for more information on the Lucketts Spring Market!

May 17th-19th

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