Lucketts 2018 in Review

For starters I would really love to thank my husband, my family and everyone that sent me messages of encouragement leading up the LSM and during. It really helps me keep going when I feel the love.

Also, thank you to everyone at Lucketts and who worked the event. My goodness the time and effort that it takes to organize and pull something this together is nothing short of super-human.

Lastly, You. ALLLL of You. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting all of us in the rain and mud, or if you came on super hot and muggy Sunday. Whether you found some treasures with me or someone else I thank you for coming out and shopping small.


We waited until Thursday to head to the fairgrounds to begin setup. We only live about 2 hours south of Berryville so I was confident that we could get there early and knock out the setup in one day.

… WELL… We got off to a late start that morning and didn’t get to the fairgrounds until 1:30 pm. About 3 hours later than I had planned. Not completely devastating but definitely wish it could have been prevented.

When we finally got on locations I had a simple plan in my head to accomplish everything as quickly as possible. I had packed the 20 foot truck accordingly for a smooth setup. Small things near the front of the truck; walls and bigger pieces near the back door for easy unloading.  That way, we wouldn’t be trying to dig out the clunky walls that needed to be propped up first before anything else happened dand any breakable items or ironstone would be tightly packed away in the truck’s “attic”.

I had a 10×20 ft space this year and 7 faux walls that you might have seen me working on over at my Instagram profile. 8×4 MDF brick panels that you can get from Lowes, framed with 2×4’s and covered with joint compound to give it that “German Smear” look. I really like how it framed in my space and made a perfect neutral backdrop to showcase the furniture pieces we brought.


After the walls were assembled, we then started to unload all the furniture and smalls.

I didn’t over do it on the furniture this year and was very picky about what I wanted to bring. I only brought what I would want in my own home and anything that wasn’t “me” didn’t make the cut. That might have limited my buying audience but this is only market I am doing this year and I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase myself as well.


Same deal with the smaller items, like the ironstone, botanical prints or salvage candles sticks. If I wouldn’t put it in my own home it wasn’t going into my booth space. No more throwing an item into the inventory because “meh, someone might buy this”. I have to want to cry knowing that it might be bought by someone else for it to be accepted into the Lucketts Spring Market stash. How could I expect ya’ll to love it if I don’t first! Gives the booth some soul. So congrats if you purchased something from The Ugly Duckling Decor this past weekend. You un-knowningly bough a little piece of me.

Creepy but touching.

Mostly creepy.


I had an idea of how I wanted the space laid out but until you are physical there and have the big items in the space you just don’t know 100%. I knew I wanted the Two Tone Grey Cabinet in one corner and my shop counter in the other so I just needed to fill the space around those two items.

Once things started getting set in their finally positions things began moving a lot quicker. Next thing I knew, we were done!


Funny, I though I had a really neutral, farmhouse-ly display forming during the weeks leading up to the spring market but after we were done getting everything placed I stepped back and said to Kyle that “Wow, this has an eclectic vibe”.

Duh. Its everything I love. I Should have known that It would have looked a little eclectic all together.







8:30 am to 12 pm was early shopping for the VIP ticket holders and 12 pm to 5pm was open to general ticket holders. Friday was was the muddiest, mostly rainy day of all three but also the busiest. There might have been more people on Saturday and Sunday but more Lucketts die hards and sales on Friday. These are the people that know that there is a limited supply of one-of-a-kind finds and they might be all gone come Saturday.




That was true of one particular item that I brought that I didn’t even give a preview of prior to coming to Lucketts this year.

These darn salvaged candle sticks!


You all wiped them out! They were made out of antique porch balusters that were sealed with a matte polycrylic protective coat and cut at varying heights. Super cute and green conscious because they were recycled from an old, dilapidated home. By 3 pm Friday they were all gone. ALL OF THEM. GONE! I had 2 huge storage totes full of them and they didn’t even make it a full day.

They were this year’s best sells by far. Kyle was shocked. He usually is when it comes to some of the stuff I sell.

Speaking of Kyle…

You might have even spotted him! He was only there for setup and Friday but if you went to the Vanish Farmwoods Brewery tent at all… He was probably there more often than my booth.

Here’s a really cute pic of him meeting Robert from Black Dog Salvage.

You know? One of the stars of D.I.Y. Channel’s hit TV show The Salvage Dawgs? Yeah, they were both there.

Look at that cheesin! Hahaha! A good mix of fan-boy happiness and alcohol.



I re-styled as things sold on Friday. It was mostly smaller items that sold the first day so I didn’t have to move around too much furniture for day 2 but I did do some light fluffing.

It was another muddy day. All of the foot traffic from Friday had made the walking conditions for Saturday a little less than pleasant and it was worth investing in a $25 pair of rain boots from target just for the day.

It was a mix of smalls and furniture that sold this day. The Locust Point Dresser sold and the Naked Oak Dresser! The Barn Vent that I had moved above the Locust Point Dresser after the piano keyboard sold was the first thing to go on day 2.



I totally forgot to take more pictures this day! So sorry!



For myself, Sunday was the most miserable weather wise.

“But Amanda, it was the warmest and sunniest of all 3 days!” 


We waited to restyle the booth the morning of the 3rd day (big mistake) and I did not have the right attire for the warmer weather.

So after the doing all of that heavy lifting I had this over whelming urge to go full Chip Gaines and rip of my sticky, sweaty jeans and jump into a lake. Unfortunately that was not an available option and once jeans are sweaty there’s just nothing that can be done to make a person feel comfortable again until a shower is taken and a change of clothes. I felt tired and gross but the day was still good overall.




It started off slow and didn’t have any real customer pop until people got out of church.

The Brazen Oak Dresser (more about this piece later) sold this day as-well-as The Two Tone Grey Cabinet!


Pete and Kiah decided to take on the beast. The said they were closing on a house soon in the DC area and had come to the Lucketts Spring Market to hunt for one-of-a-kind furniture.


I was even able to get a little shopping done myself but I’ll leave that story for another day.

The only two furniture pieces that didn’t find their forever home from my booth this weekend was The 2018 Swan Settee and The White Garden Table.



I’m sure they will be picked up from my booth in The Factory Antique Mall in Verona Virginia soon. That is where any Lucketts’ leftovers that I have will be going if you are interested in checking them out.


Well thats a wrap on the 2018 Lucketts Spring Market. I hope that everyone that came out and found some treshhure loves their Lucketts finds! This past weekend was one for the books. Another successful market and I guess I could officially be considered a Lucketts veteran at this point…?

If you weren’t able to join us this year make sure to mark it on your calendars for next year! Only 360 days to go! The countdown begins!

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