Love My Lucketts Finds

Despite the craziness of the spring market I was able to squeeze in a little shopping of my own.

Only about 15 minutes worth at the very end but I can make a lot happen in 15 minutes.

So I was going all over the fair grounds. I was mainly on a hunt for ironstone but most had already sold and what was left was out of my budget.

It wasn’t long before I got distracted by other things.

And I was very easily distracted by this short buffet with a marble top.


I think it was the wood detailing and the patina that stopped me. The white marble plus the really amazing price was the cherry on top.


It needs a good cleaning and a little work done to it but I don’t think I’ll be painting this piece. I love the wood tone too much.


I think I have a place for it to go in the house but if I can’t find the perfect spot I could re-sell it if I wanted to.

I also picked up this wicker basket and copper trunk. I found them hiding out with the same vendor and I was originally only interested in the basket but he made me one heck of a deal so I took both!


The basket is in great shape but the copper trunk could use a good cleaning as well.

I was just browsing online to see if copper trunks were a common thing and I found this link.



Uhhh… SCORE!

Mine isn’t in as good of shape obviously, but Its cool to see what its suppose to look like in its more polished glory.




The wicker basket… Well you can never have too many baskets.

And ones like this are not easily to find. It still has its lid, it is large which makes for great storage and its still structurally sound.



I haven’t really decided what to do with these two either.

I would like to keep them both if I can so I’m going to try my best to find them a spot for them in the house but I did get them at such a good deal that I could resell them too if I wanted.

This last item isn’t a true Lucketts find but it did go to Lucketts. I would be remised if I didn’t come home with an ironstone item. I’m picky when buying for myself. As of right now I only collect ironstone mixing bowls and bowl like items.

This ironstone serving dish was something I had taken to LSM to sell and when we were packing up all the leftover to bring home I noticed that it hadn’t sold so I’m keeping her for now.


She might not be a classic bowl shape but she’s stackable and that’s what is important for my ironstone storage. I also really love the aging and the damage from years of use.



Those are my Lucketts finds and keeps! I wish I would have had more time to hunt but I ehh there’s always next year.