Journey to Lucketts Spring Market 2020

I feel kinda weird writing this post because we don’t really know what’s gonna happen over the next 2 months. My hope is that we will all be fine and the situation will be under control come May.

So lets talk about what will be happening May 15th-17th….

The Lucketts Spring Market 2020

This will be my 4th year as a vendor and I think I’m finally starting to find my market groove.

1st Year


2nd Year


3rd Year


This year I’m taking everything that I’ve learned from the past 3 to make it my best show yet!

I’ll be doing a Lucketts SM Shopping Tips post when we get closer to show time but if you would like to check out last year’s tips you can click HERE.

If you have made it to this point I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I’ve changed my website name, Instagram handle, Facebook page, blah blah blah….

“The Ugly Duckling Decor” title has been great and I was in the process of changing everything to “Amanda Freed Homes” but have ultimately decided that “Amanda’s Mercantile” is a better fit.

It’s been a great ride as TUDD but I’m ready for something a little more grownup as I move forward with this business.


Hope y’all are ready to be inundated with LSM furniture makeovers & finds!

Like I said before, we don’t know what’s going to happen over the next few months but for now, I’m going to continue to chugging along on projects as usual.