Pretty pretty ironstone. I have my own personal collection of mixing bowls but I’m trying to keep my ironstone collecting to a minimum because we don’t have a ton storage space in our house right now.

BUT, that doesn’t mean that I can’t collect for my customers! It’s not much but I have been building up a small ironstone hoard of pitchers, and other dishes for ZINC.Vintage Market (September 8th-10th).


There are a few different maker stamps and time periods but all unique. These plates in particular, are pretty different. They have this little raised lip inside of them and I first thought that it was used for holding a slab of butter seperate from other food but after some research I believe it was used to hold a tea cup.



I have 6 of these adorable restaurant ware butter pats that I was originally gonna keep for myself but I’ve decided to let them go. The black detailing around the rim…



I’m hoping to find a few other pieces before the show. But if you happen to be on the fence about coming because you weren’t sure if someone would bring ironstone or not, I’m here to let you know that there will be ironstone.



I hope you have ZINC saved on your calendar if you are gonna be in the area.