In Over My Head

Over my head in ever aspect of the phrase. 1st blog post and 1st upholstery tuffing project. I might be bitting off more than I can chew. Now, from this picture, you might be thinking to yourself “it really doesn’t look that bad”. I will admit the settee photographs well. HOWEVER, it is not practical because it is painted fabric. I DID NOT DO THE PAINTING. It’s a little crusty and crunchy and not something you want to sit on. So I am going to attempted to make it beautiful and functional. So I began the deconstruction process……


This beautiful piece of furniture has not been fully reupholster in a long LONG time. I’m talking horse hair and hay as cushioning. The Nastiness is REAL. So it might take a little longer than expected but the end result should be worth it. The Frame will need a fresh coat of paint and distressed. The tuffing will be the most tricky but I think it can be done.

Here is part of the back where the buttons get pushed through to.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

There is a certain beauty to just having the raw frame and the old school burlap. I am half way tempted to keep the back this way but I will be re-doing it completely.

Well that’s my first, short post and hopefully I’ll be able to successfully keep this updated and make sure to check out Instagram and Facebook for instant updates

– Amanda