Easy Clay Pot Makeover

An item that I am keeping an eye out for these days are large pots & urns that have a less-than desirable look for today’s home interior trends. 

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I found this big guy in another antique mall and it had been marked down 3 times before I decided to take it home.

Using my trusty black (Lincoln Cottage by Valspar) I mixed it with baking powder to thicken the paint & add a little extra texture.

I just kept mixing in baking powder until I was happy with the thickness but it was still easily spreadable.

Then I just painted on the mixture.

After covering the entire pot I took little handfuls of baking powder…

… And randomly tossed it around on different sections of the pot. I patted it into the already spread paint with the same brush.

Tossing on the extra baking powder was done to give it a more handmade look & would “antique” it as the paint dried.

I let the pot dry overnight.

When I checked on it the next morning, the paint had dried to its original flat look & the extra baking powder that was tossed on added a chalky/Lime-washed style to the finish.

I am waiting on some pampas grass to arrive in the mail, but for now I styled the piece with some dried natural Piumetta Christina grass that I had found at Michaels.

If you want to do this project at home all you’ll need is…

  • Paint color of your choice in a flat finish
  • Baking Soda
  • A Paint Brush
  • A cup for paint & something to mix with

A super easy makeover & this clay pot is ready for a new lease on life! Check out this video of the makeover below & I hope you can try this project at home.