DIY Drop Cloth Slipcover Review

If you were following my Instagram stories over the past few months, you might have seen me talking about the slip cover I was piecing together for our awkwardly shaped couch.


It’s a weird one alright.

Outfitted with a rolling top like a Chesterfield and paired with a kidney shaped body, It was quite a challenge to create anything to cover that gold, paisley pattern.

I had originally thought about reupholstering the entire thing BUT we spoil the daylights out of our too dogs. Since they are allowed to lay all over everything I needed to be able to remove and wash the fabric.



A slipcover was the best option for now.

I decided to make my own. Using cheap drop cloth. I was able to bleach it to make the fabric a little lighter and softer.


It’s been a little over a month since the slipcover has been in full use and my first thoughts are as follows:




  • Fabric structure has held up well. Especially with dog claws.
  • Very comfortable to lay and sit on.
  • Not immune to dog hair.
  • Seems to resist dirt fairly well

I would say that after a solid month us putting it to the wear-and-tear test, it is time for the 1st wash test.

I needed to wash the couch frame cover separate from the pillow covers because it would have been too much fabric for one load.


I used regular laundry detergent, nothing special.


Dried them both on the “Cotton HIGH” setting.

On 1st inspection they all looked fine coming out of the drier. There was a lot of fraying on the unfinished seam edges on inside but I expected that. I’ll get a serger one of these days but I can deal trimming threads for now.


On 2nd inspection I did notice where the fabric was pulling away from seam areas. I stressed out about it for a second but I made this thing for so cheap I wasn’t too worried about it. So I just stitched up the troubled areas and went on my way.



The slipcover went back on the couch just fine and there doesn’t appear to be any fabric twisting.


Fabric is still nice and soft.

Dog hair seemed to come off without a hitch and I haven’t noticed any left over dirt thus far.


I think the clothes drier was a little too rough on it. Next time I wash it I’ll just let it air-dry.


When I decided to sew this slipcover I knew that it would get put through the ringer. Even though it took a chunk of time to put together, I’m not too worried of it being well loved because it was still on the cheaper end of the other solutions that I could have done.


I was still able to achieve the desired look that I was going for and have the ability to wash it when needed. Kyle can finally feel comfortable hanging out in the living room.


I’ll see y’all next week!