Chunky Salvage Candlesticks

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 I’m getting pretty good at getting inventory in and out of the garage. Since my last purge I’m trying hard to not let projects pile up. This is one of those projects that isn’t complicated but requires a little extra power. Lucky for me I know someone that has access to that kind of thing.

I had recently aquired 5 chippy porch posts from Tami Cline, owner of The Barn. I had been on the hunt for a few in hopes of adding some chunky candlesticks to my booth.


When I work with architectural salvage there might be some remnants of what it used to be attached to. Thats gotta go.


I fished out as many old nails as I could.


Then power washed away extra dirt.


After they dried I wanted to seal in all of that chippy paint with a protective finish.


Sketched out some rough cut lines for staggered height.


Finally it was time to let Kyle do the heavy lift… Eerrr… Cutting.


Using a miter saw and a sawzall he was able to cut each into a bunch of different pieces.


BOOM! Chunky salvage candlesticks!


Over 50 of them of all different shapes and sizes.


I was able to get them all over to my booth and I’ve already sold a few!


They look great when featured in a table-scape.


I hope you enjoyed this short post. I have a YouTube video up that shows the process as well. Click HERE to check that out!image_6483441-9