Booth Inspiration For Mountain View

I’m in denial that we are coming to close on summer. Even though the days can be hot, I still love that it stays light outside longer and I can get more done in my day. I like fall, I would even go as far as to say that I enjoy fall but the pumpkin spice lattes and the promises of truck loads of comfort food are not enough to get me re-think my opinion of winter months. I don’t like the cold… It causes me to lean into being sluggish and unproductive.

However! We are not there yet people and to close off my Fall show season The Ugly Duckling Decor will be at The Mountain View Vintage Market in Bedford Virginia on October 21st.

A few days after Zinc I started to think about what I wanted to for a display at the Mountain View show. Since it will be happen during the full swing of fall I will probably be using seasonal accents. I’ve noticed with the Zinc show that the black, white and rustic theme just came together by itself. It wasn’t really a conscious effort, it just kind of happened as I gathered and stock pilled for the show over time.

I seem to be just finding things that I like and as I begin putting all the pieces together they naturally work as a team. I begin to get a idea of what it all might look like in a space and its on!

(like donkey kong)



I’ve started a mood board on to put some ideas together.

You can check out my mood board here!

I’ve only gathered a few things so far but I’m definitely starting to see the beginnings of something cool and different from what I’ve done before. A little out of my box.





European. Rustic. Lux. Warm. Eclectic.



ba da ba ba bah

I’m lovin’ it.

Sorry. Not Sorry. It’s just one of those jingle kind of days.

What do you think? Like it? Should I go in a different direction?

– Amanda