A Stately Corner Cabinet

I’ve only had one other corner cabinet in my inventory before and I’m not gonna lie it took FOREVER to find a home.

It was probably a combination of it just not having the “look” and it being a corner cabinet.

They just aren’t as popular these days.

*Pointer finger in the air* HOWEVER

Once in awhile a piece that might not be on “trend” for today’s market sparks my interest.

And this corner cabinet was one of them.


I spotted the piece at an auction and I was roped in by that chippy white paint and adorable arched opening.

I went back and forth on if I should leave a absentee bid or not. I loved her look but I was burned by the last one so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take the risk.

I left an absentee bid. Ya know… Just for the heck of it. Famous last words.

If I won, GREAT!

Well, I won.

After further inspection it became clear that this was a true built in corner cabinet at one point in time. I’m guessing from all of that amazing character, that it was actually dislodged from the walls of a very beautiful, old home.

And I was very, VERY happy that it wouldn’t take much elbow grease to make her shine!

My dad helped get all the years of dust and dead bugs cleaned off before moving the piece inside.


I used my go-to protective finish to seal in all of that original chippy paint and let it dry over night.


Now my favorite part – Styling!


I had so much fun piecing it all together! Usually it takes a little while for me to get the styling right but this one was a breeze.


I think this would be perfect for a home that doesn’t have a ton of wall/floor space for a hutch but is still in need of something for a little extra storage.


Not to mention that instant character addition that comes with it!


This stately corner cabinet will be coming to The Lucketts Spring Market and if you missed my last post and would like to get some tips on how to navigate the big weekend you can check out that post HERE!