Butterfly Art

Before we get started…. I just want to say that I, like most people, enjoy butterflies. Living butterflies are awesome and I would never intentional hurt one.

Butterflies usually have a life span of 1 week – 1 month. Monarchs, however, can live up to 9 months!


This blog just became educational.

Okay, now that I have explained that I am a butterfly ally and not a hater. I must confess, I do love me some butterfly taxidermy.

When used in a home as decor they give a room a very bohemian/eclectic look. It’s beautiful art in my eyes and I LOVE finding collections of them.



I have been wanting to get some in my shop for a while now but they are not cheap.

I mean… I get why… It is a process getting them together.

1. You have to source the butterflies

2. Re-hydrate them

3. Spread and pin them into place

4. Let them dry again. 

5. Frame or display them. 

Unfortunately, there is not enough time before the ZINC. Vintage Market show next month to go through that whole process but I wanted that same bold effect. This was my solution…

I had actually ordered these butterfly from Japan last winter with the hopes of doing something like this with them. They came already deceased and individual wrapped in wax paper in a little plastic container and have just been putting it off working with them.

When a butterfly dies they become very very stiff and resist being opened up. That’s where the re-hydrating comes in and starts the whole long process.. So I did something a little unconventional… I just carefully cut the wings off the body.

Ugh… that sounds so bad but its what I did.

So you’re still able to get the butterfly effect with a little less butterfly anatomy.

I then hot glued the wings to the glass of some floating frames (easier said than done). the wings are so incredibly delicate (steady hands is a MUST for this project).

Closed the frame up annnnnnnnddd……

– Voilà –

My very own butterfly art.



I might only be one of 8 people that actually enjoy them but just incase there are others I will be selling them at ZINC next month.





What do think?? Do you hate all insects and can’t even stand the idea of them in your home? Or maybe like them? Let me know in the comments

– Amanda