A Little Washstand Makeover

I mentioned on my Instagram that I’m not crossing stuff off my “To Do” list as fast as I would like.

I get to work on a piece a little bit here & there but hardy do I have time to knockout an entire piece in one sitting. Set that info aside for later.

My wonderful neighbor, who is always on the furniture hunt for me, asked if I would be interested in this little oak washstand that was at her mother’s.

It was in my garage less than 2 hours later.



The craftsmanship of the piece is beautiful. It’s amazing how something so small can have this much character.



I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet but I did know that I wanted less of this orangey finish and had to remove the flimsy backsplash.

I sanded the entire piece down to raw wood after removing all of the hardware.


I then moved on to painting a coat of what I thought would be a warm-grey on just the outer frame….

It’s hard to tell in the picture but the mix turned into a muddy blue/stone color.

I was not a fan of the combination.

I let the thing sit for a couple days just to make sure I didn’t like it.

Yeah. No.



Out of desperation I mixed up a combination of white Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint that was leftover from previous projects. I laid on the 1st coat and relief washed over me.

Ahhh. So much better.”


I did decided to leave the drawers in their raw form and lightly distressed the painted areas.


Topping it off with a protective coat of Minwax’s Water Based Polycrylic in “Clear Matte” to seal in paint.


I re-attached the hardware but something still didn’t look right….


I wasn’t able to get the wooden knob off the door to replace with it something a little fancier but something need to be done because the whole piece felt “off” with the naked knob.


After some very intense tapping to protect the rest of the door from what I was about to do, I was able to spray paint the knob with a hammered aged bronze (I think) that is similar in color to the original hardware.


Because I wasn’t able to remove the knob from the door itself, spray painting was an extra tedious task but it all worked out in the end.

This helped bring balance to the entire makeover.


I had a little fun with the staging. I liked the pairing of the newly made-over washstand with some shiny award cups and a gold-framed mountain print.


The casters are not original to the piece but still in great shape so I kept them attached.

This little guy has an light & airy feel to it now and would make a great side table in someone’s bedroom.



IMG_2515Even though this piece was small it still took me forever to get done. At least a month between drop off time and completion.

I’m trying to get project in & out faster before it gets cold and I have some custom work that I need to wrap up as well.

I might take one day a week to dedicate solely to furniture work.

Until next time!