A Furniture Makeover & Setting Up My Antique Booth

You can skip the reading and just watch the video HERE.

Sometimes things just don’t turn out as planned.

Everything was going smoothly.

I was half was through the makeover of a china hutch that was inspired by the timber framed structures of Worsley in Greater Manchester.




They are stately builds that pop out against almost any backdrop. With the dark timber frames filled with a white, plaster-like material they scream “LOOK AT ME” whenever they scroll by on my Pinterest feed.

I wanted to re-create that graphic look.

After giving the whole piece 2 coats of Belgian White by Valspar I decided to leave the doors off for a cleaner, modern look and left the interior the original wood.





I used a brand of milk paint (not Miss Mustard Seed’s) that I hadn’t tried before for the black accents. The paint went on fine and there seemed to be signs of chipping while it dried which is the norm for milk paint.



After finishing the black detailing, I got taken away from the project for a little while and came back to do the final touches after a few days had passed.



The weird thing is, when I went to do the light sanding, it did more of a smudging instead of the paint chip away easily.

After being a little disappointed with the distressing effect that happened I just decided to clean it off and finish it. The paint re-activated when I tried to wipe it down with a damp cloth and it happened AGAIN when I tried to apply a protective top coat.

Maybe its the specific formula for the black milk paint? I had the same trouble with the black from the FolkArt® brand of liquid milk paint that can be found at Michaels and Hobby Lobby, (I don’t recommend Folk Art Paint).

I finished the piece the best I could but I still wasn’t very happy with the end result.

It’s not terrible but not what I had envisioned.

I decided to put a price tag on it anyways and if it doesn’t sell in the next few months I will give it a re-makeover.

So… Where do I go from here?


I didn’t really want to do a finally reveal of the china hutch project so I figured I would  show off setting up my booth instead!


I haven’t given my shop space as much attention as I should have over the past few months but I finally found some time to fill it up with a few completed projects I had.

My booth before


So empty!

I’m not the best booth keeper.


Kyle was sweet enough to help move it all the new stuff in, thank goodness.

I’ve done some heavy furniture lifting by myself before and I don’t recommend it.



The Furniture:

The china hutch.


A patina filled work bench.


The contrasting settee.


A chippy, white work table


2 oak chairs.


The smalls:

An ironstone pitcher.


Vintage chippy mirrors.


Vintage amber jugs.


Pillows made from a vintage coverlet.


And a chippy paint concrete planter.


After moving everything around the booth a few times I finally decided on a layout that I liked.




I still have some room to fill but I’m just happy to get more treasures in there at all.

I also have a new Youtube video up that documented the entire process of this blog post. From the china hutch makeover to the booth setup and you can check that out HERE.

Antique Booth Makeover

Sorry this post was so late coming out this week. I’m struggling with some pain in my gums and jaw. I think one of my wisdom teeth is trying to come in and its not the most enjoyable feeling in the world.

I’m off to pick up some orajel and I will talk to ya’ll next week!