A Chippy Chair and Lucketts Tips

A little combo blog post for y’all! I wanted to share this sweet little chair that I just completed and I’ve had some request for some Lucketts tips for shoppers that are planning on attending this year’s spring market!


So for starters…

I posted this little antique French chair on my social media a few weeks ago asking the question, “To paint or NOT to paint?”

Oh boy…

Of course she was adorable as-is but I don’t have a set, it was just her all by herself and it felt like just a chair but I made the argument that if I was to add chippy milk paint, that maybe she would have a little more personality.

There were strong opinions on both sides but what I found the most interesting was that the majority of Facebook comments voted “NO PAINT” while Instagram was very “PRO-PAINT”.


I did decided to go with painting the frame in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Farmhouse White, one of my personal favorites from her milk paint line. 81+qq84etnL._SL1500_

After some light sanding to give the paint something to grab on to I did 3 coats of paint and let it dry over night. When I checked on it the next morning the milk paint had decided to chip in a few place just like I wanted.


It doesn’t take much to get that chippy paint look from this point.

With a light grit sandpaper I just lightly rubbed it all over the frame to help release any loose, dry paint.





I then whipped it down with a dry cloth to clear any extra paint dust and topped it off with a coat of Minwax’s Polycrylic, Water Based Protective Coat in Clear Matte.


Because I’m not reupholstering the chair, I did use this small brush for the paint and the protective coat.



She turned out exactly as I had pictured in my head and I’m happy I went with the milk paint option.




She stands proudly on her own now.


OKAY on to the second part of this blog post!


I know that we are still a little over a month out from the event but hopefully this will help with planning out your weekend’s schedule and penny saving!


Just a reminder that the Lucketts Spring Market isn’t at Lucketts any longer! It’s at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Berryville, Virginia located just off Route 7.

That is where we’ll be!

This will be the 3rd year in a row that the spring market will to be held at this location. It has the space to accommodate a growing vendor list and flock of shoppers!

This map is from last year’s set but my space will be located in the same spot, the Show Barn.

* If updated map gets released I’ll post that as well.


mms-7139-1-1024x768Show Barn Picture is from Miss Mustard’s Blog – 2017



890 W Main St, Berryville, VA 22611 — 10 miles East of Route 81, 25 miles West of Leesburg, approximately one hour from Washington, DC, and about a hour and a half from Staunton, VA.


Yes, there is a BIG, big field that will have plenty of parking available next to the fair grounds.


It is a 3 day event, May 17th-19th, starting Friday morning and ending late Sunday afternoon.

(Friday) May 17th — VIP Early Buyer – 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

General admission 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

(Saturday) May 18th — General admission 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

(Sunday) May 19th — General admission 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Ticket Costs:
VIP Early Buyer Ticket $40 — good for ALL 3 DAYS
General Admission Ticket $15 — good for ONE DAY ONLY
Only VIP Early Buyers Tickets are sold in advance.

You can purchase VIP Early Buyers Ticket HERE.


At my booth you can pay for your purchases with cash, check, and we do have the Square to run credit cards. PayPal & Venmo are also welcomed forms of payment for me as well BUT cash is KING for all the vendors.


Once an item is paid for, we’ll put a sold tag on it with your name & number and you can claim it when you’re ready to leave.


There are “pink shirt guys” who are there to help carry furniture to your car and load it in. Major areas will have designated furniture pick up tents and guys will take the furniture there and then pick up trucks will circle and take it everything out to the final loading area near the parking lot.

If you do purchase a bigger item and will need assistance loading it, you will be given a 2-part ticket to write down your name, phone number and item description. One ticket will be kept with the SOLD item and you will need to take the other ticket to the pink shirt guys at the nearest designated furniture pick up tent so they can locate and load the item.

It cost $5 at the designated station per carry so make sure to reserve some cash for that purpose if you plan on making any bigger purchases.


  1. I would bring a fabric tote/bag if you have it. Most vendors provide a bag of some kind for their customers’ purchases BUT it doesn’t hurt to bring your own.
  2. Money.
  3. If you have a collapsible wagon like this BRING IT!
  4. There will be food and water/drinks there for purchase but feel free to bring your own water at least.


I. Don’t. Know.

Rain OR shine the SHOW WILL GO ON!

The Lucketts Spring Market has THE most unpredictable weather over any other dates of the year.

The LSM & your wedding day — You just can’t predict what the weather will do.

That being said bring your rain poncho, bikini, snow boots and lederhosen.

I Joke BUT… Seriously, I would bring a pair of rain/mud boots, jacket and umbrella just incase. Double check the weather before leaving the house to make sure you’re wearing the appropriate attire for the day.



There will be food and drinks available for purchase on location.

Lots of good food trucks, coffee, hot doughnuts.


A beer and wine garden!

Just so much to get excited about with food and drink alone alone!


Kyle and Robert (From Black Dog Salvage) having a beer at last year’s LSM. 

– KIDS – 

It is a kid friendly event and last year there was a little unicorn named Clyde walking around! Maybe he’ll be back this year!?


Face painting, balloons and live music will all be happening!


There will be over 200 vendors to shop, eat and drink from!

Returning favorites: 

Ekster Antiques

Shop A Cozy House

Story Design House

Rose and Grace Market

Carpe Donut

Barn Door Design Company

Olde Tyme Marketplace

Carolina Chic Salvage

Naked Goat Soap

Boxwood and Paisley

Rust and Feathers

Ruby Twine

Rusted Roots

Chartreuse and Co.

Sweet Clover Barn

Beekeepers Cottage

JBS Mercantile

Beaumont House Design

VA Lane

Hunt N Gather Lucketts

Meanwhile Back on the Farm

Class and Trash VA

First-Timers that I am anxious to see:

Boty Boutique

Vintage Salvation

Black Sheep Coffee

Farmhouse Frocks

The Cotton Shed

Fruit Tea Chicks

The Shabby Cottage

Cosmic Girl Goes

I know that I am forgetting people but all of these amazing vendors will be there along with many more!

If you have any other questions please post them in the comments for me to answer AND if the Lucketts staff makes any changes I will make sure to update this blog post. Make sure to check my Instagram stories as well for behind the scenes of the furniture makeovers!