A Chair Pair

When I go out treasure hunting or looking for furniture to makeovers, I’m always keeping a sharp eye out for a good pair of chairs.

A simple task.

I feel like I used to see them all the time at Goodwill but not here lately.

I’ll find a single but rarely a pair of twins and when I do find a matching set its a really REALLY good day. Especially if the price is right.


I know that these two aren’t a huge project, just a set cushion should do it for the “upholstery” work BUT I consider it a lucky find.

I believe they are old school café chairs that might have actually been part of a 4 piece set that got broken up over the years.

As you can see they were in a rough state. over the years they have been repainted several times and the it would seem that last attempted didn’t seem to quite pan out.

You might have seen them peaking off to the side of the stage photoshoot of the The Naked Oak Dresser.

I liked the purpley- grey color that was on them but I knew I was going to have a time matching up a spray paint to that color.


I just said spray paint.

Look, I’m not a huge fan of the rattle can either but these chairs had a lot of spaces that a normal paint brush was just not going to be able to reach that a spray paint could.

You all can sleep well knowing it wasn’t my first choice.

I did do a paint brush test on one of the chairs and quickly figured out that the OG method just wasn’t going to work.


It was also to test run on a much lighter grey color which I decided was also not going to work. Going darker on the paint was definitely the way to go would help bring out those pretty lines and balance out the chairs’ feminine shapes.

After getting the paint on and letting it dry over night I covered them in clear protective coat.


Lastly, and the part I was dreading the most, the cushions.


Originally, I wanted to sew my own but we are now less than a month away from Lucketts and I’m running out of time. I tried to get away with just sewing a simple seat cushions out of some left over bleached drop cloth material but I couldn’t seem to get the pattern or the stuffing quite right to work with the chairs…



I caved.

I found some when I was wondering around target that were the exact color and tufting style that I had envisioned chairs.

I couldn’t resist the temptation.

So I bought 2 and I plopped them on the chairs as soon as I got home.


Ahhh. Another project crossed off the to-do list.


Did it take a short cut.. Yes. and I happy that I did.

Heck yes.

Saved me a lot of precious Lucketts prep time and headache. I think that y’all will get more appreciation out of me working on bigger projects rather than fretting over some chair cushions.



I can’t believe we are so close LSM’18.

10 days out!

Per-usual I am behind the eight ball on EVERYTHING but still plugging along.

– Amanda