7 Vintage Trends for 2021 + A New Design Era

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I’m trying something different for my business this year.

I’m going to try to predict what will be popular in the antique & vintage market for 2021.

I’ve had my little antique booth for almost 6 years now and I’ve seen a few trends come in go during that time. I was riding the coattails of Chip & Joanna Gaines HARD with the farmhouse craze. You want a chicken feeder to use as the center piece for your dinning room table? I had it! Wanted a sign that says “Laundry Room”? I painted it.

But it is a era in the interior design & home decor world and believe we are going to see a shift away from that full-on grey & white distressed farmhouse style. We were already beginning to moving away from the look but it won’t go away entirely. I believe it will be merging together with the mid-century modern & bohemian style to create something new.

I call it “Eclectic Contemporary” and it has a little bit of everything. A neutral base, same as the farmhouse feel, paired with modern or clean-lined furniture pieces (with an exception for statement pieces) and topped off with eclectic accents.

A few examples:

So now that I have an idea in which direction the home decor trends are moving that helps me determine what I need to invest in to stay on top of the vintage & antiques market.

Here are the TOP 7 ITEMS that I will be picking this year.

1 | Natural Element Items

Examples of this would be coral, driftwood, geodes, dried flowers. I consider these items to be Natural art and versatile enough to be used in almost any space because they are usually in neutral tones. I personally love dried coral on well styled shelf & dried flowers or leaves framed. People are trying to bring the outdoors in as much as possible and this is a great way to add a little of mother nature’s beauty into their space.

2 | Furniture with Clean Lines

With the exception of one-of-a-kind statement pieces I believe we are done with frilly furniture, at least for now. Furniture pieces that are stream-lined in appearance can provided balance to a space that has a lot of color, pattern & texture. Examples of this would be lucite chairs or anything made by Edmond Spence.

3 | Vintage Medical Equipement

This might be a little controversial but I think we find that vintage medical equipment and accessories will be hot on the market this year due to our current situation. Globally our heathy has never been more top of mind as it is right now and I believe that will start expressing itself in sales at antique shops subconsciously. Now, I don’t think people will be using these relics from the past on themselves, but I do think it will be used as conversation pieces at the very least. Examples would anatomy posters as unique artwork , apothecary cupboards or dental cabinets for storage.

4 | Pottery

Clay, ceramic, glass it doesn’t matter. Anything that you can grown or propagate a plant in. Again, there is a big push moving the outdoors inside in small ways and we have a whole new generation of self-proclaimed plant parents that are just itching to add another trimming to their collection. I’m only picking up organic shaped pieces with muted tones or I’m busting out the paint to get the look I want.

You can give pottery a makeover too! Check out how with this post HERE.

5 | Antique Rugs

Not like I wasn’t already on the hunt for them before but I will be scooping up every one that I can for the foreseeable future. For people like me that do better in neutral, minimalist spaces but don’t want to give up color completely, a worn, antique rug is the perfect amount of pattern & color that I would need to anchor a room. Like I said before the boho style will be making its appearance in the new eclectic contemporary look and a great way to bring that element in would be through a vibrant antique rug.

6 | Open Hand Trinket Holders

This one is a little more specific to me but I love searching for these little open palm trinket holders. Usually made out of milk glass or porcelain and were in production by the AVON company in the 1960’s and made in Japan around that same time. They are still on the cheaper side to find, have an unitarian purpose, and make for a really cute collection. I feel like I’m flipping through the pages of an I SPY book when I’m hunting for them in glass display cases full of costume jewelry and other trinkets.

7 | Anything Brass

Examples would be candle holders, figurines, and vintage lighting. Metal adds another texture to a space and a little shine. Brass is one of those special elements that can feel vintage yet modern at the same time, especially with lighting installation. A follower of mine on TIKTOK said she used vintage brass figurines as her center pieces on the tables at her wedding. I thought that was such a cute and unique idea that I hadn’t seen before.

Those are my 2021 vintage trend predictions! I gotta know what yours are. Are you going to be looking for anything specific when thrift and/or antiquing? And for my shop owners out there, what do you think is to come in the home decor world and how will that be affecting the vintage market?

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