2018 Swan Settee Pt. 2

My apologies.

I totally left ya’ll hanging what went down with the 2018 Swan Settee!

Of course, It did get done in time to make it to Lucketts. You might have seen it on my Instagram stories or the background of the Lucketts in Review pictures. But I haven’t officially posted about the completed project so lets pretend that y’all have no idea and have been waiting on pins and needle to found out what happened.

So where we last left off on the 2018 Swan Settee Pt. 1, I was working on completing the time-intensive tufting. I was using a 9×12 painter’s drop cloth that I had purchased from Lowes and then bleached for the tufting, buttons, cushions and the seat. I was also playing around with the idea of using a drop cloth to cover the back as-well but dying it in a light color.


Aaaand then I pushed the project to the side and waited for the upholstery fairies to work their magic.

I waited a few weeks for them to make something happen but realized that they had ABANDONED me in my time of need and I should probably just do it myself.

Little jerks.

I needed to decide on a color for the back of the settee. I knew that I wanted something neutral that would work in any person’s home but just doing an un-bleached drop cloth, which would be a little darker than the front fabric, felt too plain.

I have never dyed fabric before, apart from the occational tie-dye shirt, so I need to do some experimenting before working with a whole drop cloth.

I picked two colors to try of Rit Dye, Black and Pearl Grey.

I just guessed on a what water/powder ratio to make for dying some test samples.


How I created the samples was by using squares of bleached and un-bleached drop cloth and sticking it in the black and grey dyes at different timed amounts.

This gave me a bunch of different shades and I was quickly able to rule out the darker shades as an option and was liking the lighter shades of grey.

I was attracted to what the grey was doing on the unbleached drop cloth and my favorite sample was when it was just dunked it into dye solution and pulled right back out.

The top square is unbleached drop cloth sample and the bottom square is dunked in the Pearl Grey dye solution. Both are wet in this picture.


Okay. Great! I have my desired color. But how do I get this to happen on a larger scale? I needed to dye a whole 9×12 drop cloth. I didn’t want to use my bathtub or washer to do it plus I would need something that I could easy pull the cloth in and out off quickly.

My solution.

Kiddie Pool.


Plastic, blue, cheap.

Should do perfectly for this project.

I got 4 packets and 1 squeeze bottle of the Pearl Grey dye, mixed each packet in a big bowl with hot water and salt to get everything dissolved before adding it to a 1/4 filled kiddie pool.



I dampened the drop cloth first and used Kyle to help me dunk it in sections until the whole piece was dyed.


I squeezed the excess dye out of the cloth, rinsed it with water, wrung it out AGAIN, then machined washed and dried it.

You can see the difference in color here between a bleached drop cloth and the dyed drop cloth.



It’s a subtle difference but I wasn’t going for crazy contrast.

installing the back was the easiest part to the whole project, thank goodness! I was mentally crashing at this point and needed things to start rolling down hill.


When the back panel was set into place all that was left to do was to make some kind of cording or trimming to button the whole thing up and it would be DONE.


I finished and photographed it the morning we were leaving for Lucketts.

Better late than Never!




I’m happy that I did the bone colored fabric agains the darker wood structure. It defined the tufted area like a picture frame would for a painting.


Me: “Dang girl. You did good on this one!”

Also Me:No, you did!

Me: “No! YOU!”


Me: “Okayyy. You’re right. I did good.”

3rd Person Me: “No guys… We ALL did good.”

All of Me in unison: “I need some sleep.”

I’m telling ya’ll my brain was FRIED.



I had wanted to write this post before the Lucketts Spring Market hit but time got away from me and it just wouldn’t be the same if Kyle did the writing.

This is one out of a series of blog posts about projects that I didn’t get to show off before LSM. I’ll pepper them in with some other things that I have planned to show you guys on here soon!